Ankway Solar Dome Security Camera Review

Venaur unboxes, installs then walks through the app and features of this Ankway Solar Powered Wi-Fi Security camera this is their one with an upgraded 18000mAh battery so that it can run longer when there is not enough sunlight to recharge the battery as well as it comes preloaded with 6 batteries so works on arrival. This security camera from Ankway has 4 LEDS and 2 infrared LED’s and provides you with 1080p FHD video that gives you clear images even at night.

With the app you can remotely control the camera to rotate it 355 degrees horizontally and 120 degrees vertically as well as it has a 3x digital zoom. This is ideal for when you want to install the security camera very high and you can’t do manual adjustments easily you can just adjust in the app to fine tune your angles.

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As shown in the video it was installed at a very high point near the roof where the solar panel can get as much sunlight as possible, the Ankway ASC001 model security camera has 2 4dBi antenna’s but uses 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi only thanks to it’s better range than 5Ghz even if not as fast bandwidth. This is an outdoor security camera that brand says can operate in temperatures as low as -22 degrees F and up to 140 degrees F, but we don’t have any ability to test those extreme temperatures ourselves.

The Ankway Dome Solar Security Camera has built in radar and motion sensitivity sensor that reduces false alarms and sends instant alerts to your phone and can save them as videos on a MicroSD card (not included) if you install one, or up to a cloud service which is recommended to use and they give you a 1 month free trial.

This camera has a built in mic and speaker, and you can speak through the security camera to ask questions or speak to anyone it detects and triggers the motion alarm. This camera could also be used to not only monitor the front of your home, but a driveway or yard and can be used to watch and monitor your pets that you let out back on your property as well.

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