Showcasing the E1000 Gaming Headset by EKSA!

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One of my biggest issues with any sort of headphones is how easily they tend to break under strain. I’m the forgetful sort, and if it isn’t at my desk I darned well may sit on the expensive headset I dropped a decent amount of money on and smash it to pieces, so when I saw the E1000 being bent by our reviewer James, I immediately thought to myself “I need to find out more about this headset”. Between that, and the clarity of the microphone on it I was quite impressed. Finding a good headset can be rough, and portability and durability are extremely high points when you’re considering buying any pair of headphones. Communication is essential in any form of competitive multiplayer gaming, so having a decent microphone is essential if you wanna keep your game on point with easy to understand callouts, be it in a raid in your favorite MMO, or flanking someone in your favorite arena shooter. A gaming headset is also a more space saving option over a traditional microphone and headphone setup saving you just a bit of desk space. Without any more prattling lemme tell ya why you should buy the E1000 from the fine folks over at EKSA!


So the biggest selling point on these has got to be the comfort aspect. They use soft, breathable cushioning for both the earmuffs and the band, and an incredibly durable, stretchy band rather than the standard hard plastic or silicone. James practically bent the things in a rough twist and they didn’t crack nor budge, immediately returning to form after. That’s a both durable and comfortable product. They also use a 7.1 surround sound chip, making the headset compatible with systems that run 7.1 surround sound which is some pretty high quality, immersive audio. After listening to the quality of the showcase video James did, the audio is pretty solid on both the microphone and the headphone component of the headset, easily acceptable for anything from a discord call to even streaming, if you prefer to do so with a headset, or just have a little too small of a desk space to accommodate a full microphone setup. It has a built in noise cancelling function, which is pretty rare for headset mics, especially at this price point, and it works semi-well. There’s an easy mute button on the extremely long cord that makes muting hassle-free if you need to get up, and the RGB and embossed logo look quite nice if you enjoy those sort of setups (I certainly do, my keyboard is a whole host of colors).  All in all it’s not a bad headset at all for the price point.

You can Watch a Quick Video Showcase on the Eksa E1000 Headset with Mic Test

Final Thoughts

Frankly the E1000 captures most of the points I look for in just a standard pair of headphones and more. Between the comfort points listed above, the sound quality, the easy to use plug and play design, and the cord length (that one’s huge, I hate not having space to rotate my chair without moving my headphones). The sound quality is of serious merit though, as finding a decent microphone for a reasonable price is already a pain, let alone a full headset setup. EKSA has made a pretty solid product, and the durability makes it acceptable for everyone from young teens to adults. So all in all I hope you’ll give the E1000 your consideration when you go hunting for a new headset. EKSA makes some fine products, a few of which we’ve already covered, so I hope that’ll show just how trustworthy they are as a headset manufacturer. Thanks for reading, and have a fantastic rest of your day.

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We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.