Review of the Etekcity Scroll R1 Professional Gaming Mouse

You hear the term “gaming mouse” and you expect certain things from just a regular mouse, those would include “precision” which is typically measured in DPI or dots per inch so that you can have faster and more precise aiming and quick turns/movement in FPS games, but also you think of programmable buttons and longevity.  Gaming mice can have quite a premium too, with some gaming mice exceeding $99 in value so when I reviewed the Etekcity Scroll R1 Professional Gaming mouse which costs just $13.99 for the 1800DPI version I wasn’t thinking that this would stack up to a much more expensive mouse bit I was very pleasantly surprised how much I like it and it actually is better than many mice twice the cost that I have reviewed.

See my video review of the Etekcity Scroll R1 Professional Gaming Mouse

Now the mouse itself has a really nice comfortable grip, the buttons extend your hand rests comfortably on it. You can press the buttons with your fingers fully extended or hold your hand in a claw grip and press the buttons much closer to the top of the mouse without issue. So no matter how you hold your hand on a mouse, the Etekcity Scroll R1 felt good to me.

The mouse just looks and feels good to the touch and has 2 thumb buttons, a scroll wheel that has rubberized texture so you can scroll easily and feel the clicks when scrolling, this feels great if you play a game where you scroll through different weapons or options cause you feel a solid response to each scroll increment and it is very precise.  The DPI switch allows you to easily blast through the 3 DPI settings..


The Etekcity Scroll R1 Gaming Mouse also has a nice blue glow that you can appreciate in a dark room as it feels like a living thing, and blue is my favorite color.  Though this mouse may not have a high DPI as you see in other mice, it has a 6.4 million pixel sensor, this allows it to make really precise movements and they claim it reads and responds at 6400FPS and can do a max acceleration of 20G approximation.  What this means is if you play space shooters or 360 degree combat games where you need to extremely rapidly rotate around you can, think like Elite: Dangerous or one of the other combat space sims out there (EVE is another example).

I will be honest, my review was strictly on how the mouse worked functionally and how it felt in my hand, I don’t play FPS games on the PC and I played Hearthstone, Guild Wars 2 and did a bunch of drawing testing with Paint.NET with the various DPI settings.  I can tell you I really like this mouse, it fits my hand perfectly and feels nice, it is light but not too light and for a wired mouse this should more than meet the needs of any gamer.

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