Review of Heroes Volume 4 Episode 7 – Cold Snap

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Full Review of Cold Snap:

What a fantastic episode I must say, this was by far one of the best episodes of the Season which has several unique twists, the first being that Matt Parkman’s baby has the power to activate things including the powers in other human beings. Such clever and light hearted scenes with Hiro and Ando trying to figure out what to do with the baby and who was their true person they were supposed to save. When baby Matt Parkman activates Hiro’s time stop ability, it is even funnier how Hiro has to carry Ando to safety twelve miles in a wheel barrel.

Danko continues to be the vicious hunter after each and every villain, I had thought from the previous episode that Sylar would soon dispatch Danko, but it would appear that Sylar wants to team up with him to dispose of other heroes so that he would be the sole being with powers on the planet. Danko probably will ally with him only so long as he thinks he could terminate Sylar with a bullet to the back of the head.

Angela proves resourceful for a little while in escaping the government agents and I nearly applauded to see Peter swoop down in an elevator to save his mother from capture. It is good to see Peter again after not seeing him the last few episodes.

I knew it, if you read my former posts I had predicted that “Rebel” was probably Micah and I was truly happy that it turned out to be a correct prediction. Micah has become much more adept at using his powers and actually is one of the coolest heroes on the show. It was a true display of heroism and repentance that Tracy sacrificed herself to help Micah go free and shows that despite all her “looking out for herself” attitude that she truly cared about Micah and appreciated all he tried to do for him. The scene where the entire parking garage flooded and froze over was one of the best special effects scenes of the entire show and the most creepy part of that scene was when Danko shot Tracy and she fell to the ground in frozen pieces, the chunk of her face on the ground actually blinked a tear before the scene ended.

In another unbelievable twist what we thought was Matt Parkman saving Daphne turned out to be them saying farewell to each other as Matt entered Daphne’s head to give her the world as she died in the hospital from her injuries. I was saddened and amazed at the amount of affection and love portrayed by the characters and how convincing the storyline and scenes were.

This episode was fast paced had amazing character portrayals and the previews show us even bigger and greater things are to come in the near future as the heroes team up to save themselves from the government. With Sylar now appearing to make a pact with Danko, do the heroes actually have a chance to survive this? I can just see the government rounding up the heroes to feed them to Sylar, and so we wait for next week’s episode “Into Asylum” and I am truly revved up to see what happens next.

Let me know some of your predictions for the next few episodes of Heroes.

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We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.