Dragon Blogger Review of Heroes Volume 4 Episode 6 – Shades of Gray

Review of Heroes Volume 4 Episode 6 – Shades of Gray

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Shades of Gray opened up last night with the kitchen scene where Eric Doyle surprised Claire asking for her help to escape capture. At first his frustration at her rejection caused him to consider manipulating Sandra and Claire but he decided to leave instead claiming he wasn’t going to be that person again. Meanwhile Claire is still as confused as ever as to what her purpose is and what type of person she wants to become. She takes a job at the comic store hoping to become a focal point for helping Heroes escape government capture. One funny scene was when she was questioned on what type of hero she would be and she nearly breaks down crying, only to be hired for her looks instead of her knowledge of comics.

Nathan played his compassion cards by saving Matt Parkman from being detonated in the early part of the episode, only to now be the focus of The Hunter who through investigating and finally pushing Nathan out a window later learned Nathan has an ability. Meanwhile, another great scene was when The Hunter met Angela Petrelli in a restaurant and her detailed knowledge of him completely unnerved him. She is so confident and calculating and it really felt good to see her have the upper hand on him.

Much of the show dwelled around Sylar confronting his father which I thought played out very well, at first his father seemed reformed, dying from cancer and remorseful about all of his killings in past. When Sylar revealed he had the healing ability and immortality, his father was triggered to attack him. Sylar played possum and only proved that he was more than an even match for his dying father and instead of killing him quickly, left him to rot and die slowly from his presumable lung cancer.

In one of the best scenes of the show, The Hunter arrived back to his apartment to realize someone was there, and we see Sylar waiting in the other room. I am dying to see how this showdown commences, I would love to see Sylar take care of The Hunter quickly, he shouldn’t be so prone to leaving people alive and afraid to take action as Peter Petrelli.

By the end with Nathan chased out due to his powers being revealed, Claire was being hunted and Nathan swooped in to save her. Now Nathan is running for his life just like the others and with all the Heroes on the same side now, things should start to be even more interesting as the final episodes of the season play out over the next couple of weeks.

One other note, I found it quite disturbing that Claire helped Eric Doyle only to ask him in the end if he really meant that he would give up on “being the way he was” only for Eric to smile indicating that he hasn’t changed at all. Claire helped a most heinous villain who clearly doesn’t intend to repent or reform and she just lets him walk away.

Also, it is interesting that Hiro and Ando arrive to save Matt Parkman’s baby instead of the adult, this is a unique twist of the story and I didn’t see this one coming at all.

Overall I really enjoyed this episode particularly the power play between Nathan and The Hunter as well as between Sylar and his father, even when Claire called her father looking for him to tell her what path to take, he only confided that if she doesn’t know, he didn’t know what answers to give. Hopefully she will find her purpose and what she was meant to do fairly soon.

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