Google Keyword Suggestion Tool

I have found online a nice Google Keyword Suggestion tool for people looking to make every keyword count for their blog posts. This tool allows you to search for keywords and find ones with the least # of pages that match, so you can target your keywords more effectively and rank better in Google Indexes.

You don’t want to compete your keywords against 2 million other pages that have the same keywords, so you targer more niche keywords going up against hundreds or dozens of other pages in order to boost your rating and chances for a top ten placement in the Google Search indexes.

You can go over to and input the keyword you were thinking about using, and then craft your keywords based on the responses returned.

For example, I typed in “TV Heroes” for my NBC Heroes related posts.

I saw that TV Heroes had 613,000 other sites using that keyword, yet “heroes tv” had 0, as well as others. This helps me craft my keywords so that I am the only page that would have the index of “Heroes Show TV” and if someone were to type that, my page would theoretically get a better index listing.

You can search for single words and find best matches, but naturally individual words have tons of competition and often require pairing with other words to try and match what peope would type when they search.

Take a look at the tool and see if it can help you get better keyword placement for your blog posts, let me know if you use it or another tool like it.

-Dragon Blogger

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