Dragon Blogger Review of Heroes Volume 4 Episode 5 – Exposed

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I was much more engaged with this weeks episode of Heroes than in previous ones and I will say that even Claire trying to help Alex escape capture was more enjoyable than I thought. To see the two of them at the bottom of the pool exchanging air as they evaded their captors was a nice touch. Sylar scenes were toned down and show just how much trauma Gabriel had experienced as a boy which only further damaged his psyche which led him to becoming the killer he is now. By remembering his own mothers death we saw that Sylar’s “Father” had the same ability to slice or cut someone with their finger acting like a scalpel from a distance. What we don’t know yet is how Sylar acquired this power without killing his father, or which victim provided this power to Sylar. Maybe Sylar was able to absorb this power through some sort of emotional connection which has been shown he can do.

Peter and Matt Parkman almost pull off a brilliant break in of Building 26 only to get foiled and Matt to be captured, Peter escapes only to be setup once again, where at first I thought Peter was able to fly on his own, it was revealed that Nathan flew him to safety. I really wish that Peter could figure out how to manifest multiple powers at once again, he deserves to have the power at his disposal again to deal with his enemies.

I was also very pleasantly surprised to see that Matt himself never intended to strap explosives around himself and it was “The Hunter” himself who rigged Matt full of explosives to help get public support for their operation. This was a brilliant play to expose the operation only to have them try to make a counter propaganda move. These remind me of the chess type moves of both sides in the earlier seasons and I thoroughly enjoyed watching this play out.

Two episodes now without Hiro and Ando has me missing the hijinx of this duo, I wish to see how they will continue their quest for Ando to become a hero and Hiro to try and acquire his powers. I also have no idea what has happened to the Haitian and some of the others who were not shown captured, but also not shown in recent episodes at all.

The biggest wow by far comes with the Puppetmaster at the end of the episode surprising Claire, we all thought that Sylar had killed him back at The Company’s Level 5, but apparently he had escaped alive. Also, it turns out Peter himself is not Rebel, and Rebel may either be Angela Petrelli, Noah, or maybe even a character not fully revealed yet (Maybe Micah is pulling some strings with computers behind the scenes?)

All in all this episode was very enjoyable and I look forward to seeing the final four episodes of the season play out over the next month.

-Dragon Blogger

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