How To Make Your Own Custom Mp3 Ringtone With Audacity

I had wondered how to get free ringtones on my wife’s and my own blackberry devices when I tried various web sites that worked, but were slow or required too much time or didn’t have the songs I was looking for. When someone told me that I could create my own from any mp3 with Audacity I decided to try it out. When I realized how simple it was and that it worked, I decided this would be the next topic for my screencast demonstrations.

  • Pre-requisites:
  1. Your phone must accept mp3 ringtones, there are ways to make midi / amr ringtones but not with this tutorial
  2. Your phone must be setup to receive email from gmail, yahoo, blackberry, or some other email service
  3. You should download and install audacity on your computer, this is freeware you can get here: Audacity 1.3.7 (I do recommend the beta 1.3 version as the 1.2 version was crashing on my Windows Vista frequently.)
  4. Make sure you install and configure the LAME mp3 encoder as well, read the website instructions.

So go ahead watch the video on how to turn an mp3 file into an mp3 ringtone, this will work for any mobile phone that accepts mp3 file format for ringtones, in my case I use it with Verizon Blackberries, but it shouldn’t matter whatever service you have.

Here are step by step instructions for those too lazy to watch the video or wanting to read it quickly:

  1. Open Audacity
  2. Load your MP3 file you wish to edit
  3. Find the section of mp3 file you want to turn into a ringtone (choose 20 seconds as a good length, some can take up to 40 seconds, but 20 seconds is best)
  4. Trim out all of the mp3 section you don’t want (Delete the before and after the places you have marked)
  5. Apply Fade In and Fade Out (optional) if you want your ringtone to fade in slowly and fade out volume wise so it isn’t so abrupt
  6. Export file as MP3 (you must have installed the Audacity LAME MP3 Encoder)
  7. Email the mp3 file as an attachment to the email address that your mobile device checks.
  8. Open the attachment and save it in your ringtones folder
  9. Set it as your ring tone
  10. Test it.

Thats it, it is very simple and you can create any number of ringtones for free. You aren’t limited to songs, you can create people’s voices, sayings, quotes, readings…etc.  Virtually any audio file can become a personal ringtone now.

Here is the Iron Man mp3 Ringtone if you want to use it:  ironman-ringtone

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