Review of MaxBlogPress Bring My Visitors Back

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.

A blog feed is a powerful thing for bloggers, it is basically a way to build and establish a fanbase with readers and allow them to read your site content on their own terms in a convenient way.  They can read it via Google Reader or another RSS reader, or they can simply get your blog posts via email and read them in their Thunderbird inbox.

You always appreciate and value every single reader, but like most bloggers an RSS subscriber doesn’t translate to a pageview or a potential customer without having a way to bring them back and engage them so that they become more than just a passive reader.

MaxBlogPress sent me a review copy of Bring My Visitors Back and invited me to try it and showcase what it can do for bloggers who want to engage their readers more and offer more potential ways to bring them back to your site or social media profiles so that you continue to have engagement with your RSS readers.

One thing Bring My Visitors Back also does is embed these extra features directly into the Blog RSS feed so that any other sites that poach your content or steal your RSS feed will have your links and extra information which can lead back to your own sites/blog.  This can somewhat help with stolen content in providing you that link back to your own site.

Some features of Bring My Visitors Back include:

Display Related Posts in RSS Feed


Pretty simple for anyone who uses a related posts plugin on their WordPress blog, this is basically the same thing for your RSS feed.  You can display a number of related articles right on your RSS feed so that readers may be interested in reading additional articles and clicking on the link to arrive on your blog.

Display Social Icons in your RSS Feed


Another awesome feature is having your social media accounts directly enabled in your blog RSS feed, this makes it easier for RSS readers to follow you on your social media channels if they are not already.

Display Comments on your RSS Feed


Displaying comments on your RSS feed is also one way to show readers other interactions going on on your site, though I am curious how effective this is for email readers who typically receive only a 1x update of a feed post and if it is early after post is published it may never show any comments.  For those who read with a reader where the feed may be pulled when you open the reader, it may be more effective.

You can not only show the # of comments, but you can also choose to display the most recent comment in the RSS feed as well.

RSS Feed Header and Footer


Finally you can add any custom html code into your RSS header or footer so it shows information before and after your RSS feed.  Examples would be including a header logo for your site, copyright information and backlink to your site at the bottom of the RSS feed.  I was previously using another plugin to do this but you wont’ find a plugin that can do everything MaxBlogPress Bring My Visitors Back can do in the same plugin from what I can find.

Bring My Visitors Back Support

Finally, I wanted to tell you about the support.  Nothing is more frustrating than some reports I hear from other bloggers who purchase plugins only to get horrible support for the plugins they paid for.  MaxBlogPress does something really clever here by embedding a Get Satisfaction widget directly into the plugin settings.


You can directly post and ask questions, report issues through the awesome Get Satisfaction site right from within your WordPress console settings page for the plugin.  This is convenient and you can see there is life from this company and they do respond to the readers/customers all the time.

RSS Feed Results

To simplify I confirmed that my Bring My Visitors Back does indeed exactly what it says, you can see my feed from Feedblitz here:


I also have the same feed setup on Feedburner with full post (instead of summary) and included AdSense inside the RSS feed for example here:


You see how I structured the order around?  You have full control over the order of what displays in your RSS feed in the “More Options” setting.


You can have your footer info show up before the comments/related, after…etc.  This plugin gives you complete control over what you want to place and where it gets placed.

With this plugin you can take control of your RSS Feed and help increase the engagement levels of your RSS Subscribers as well as protect your blog copyright and help keep your links/information/credit intact on other sites that import your RSS feed as their own content.

I was pleasantly surprised with MaxBlogPress Bring My Visitors Back WordPress plugin and their tutorial and setup guide makes it so ridiculously easy for anyone to setup.  The plugin works like you would expect and did not disappoint while reviewing it.


-Dragon Blogger

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.