Review of Fanttik NB8 Nano Portable Cordless Electric Sprayer

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Fanttik recently sent me their NB8 Nano Cordless Electric Sprayer and I was more than happy to put it through it’s paces so that I can bring you my honest review of it.

First off, what you get is what looks like a large water tank, which has a 2.1 Gal or nearly 8 liter capacity that sits atop the battery base. The base itself has the USB C plug for charging it, as well as a large power button for turning it on. Opening up the water tank on top by unclamping the 2 clamps on the sides and you will see the nozzle and hose all curled up tidy in there which is a really nice and compact way it all fits together.

You thread the hose through the little gap and then put the tank back on, you can fill it with hose water or sink water, it is small enough for you to put in a kitchen sink and fill.

So while the brand says the spray washer undergoes a water and leakage test before leaving the factory, and it could be normal to find some water inside upon receiving it, I didn’t see any signs of water when it arrived. The NB8 Nano Sprayer is an all-in-one cleaning solution with a high-security built-in lithium battery, IPX5 waterproof rating, and as I mentioned the 8L tank is detachable.

It’s exact size dimensions measure (12.46 x 8.54 x 10.63 inches and there no setup at all required other than charging it.

This is a low pressure washer, and while they say it has low noise, I did find it fairly loud during testing as you can see by the video later. It has a pressure between 72-98 PSI which is not enough to pressure wash your car, driveway or house but it is perfect for cleaning bicycles, washing your pets, your own self (hair) and watering plants. Though I didn’t test 40+ minutes of continuous use I did several tests over multiple days with the built-in 2600mAh battery it says it can provides up to 40 minutes of continuous use at maximum flow or 60 minutes at minimum flow and I had no problems doing about 30 minutes of random spray testing for various purposes spread out over a few days between charges but I never tested it to drain it’s battery to 0 or tried a continues 1 hour test.

The water hose is 118″ and is super flexible, USB C charging is very fast.

I think it is a fantastic solution for camping, and if you need to have a portable water spraying system in a place where you don’t have a long enough hose or something you can take with you. The nozzle adjusts to the shower/misting mode which produces enough water volume it can completely soak your hair (or pet’s fur in a few seconds) and it is less frightening than having a hose running on the pet that you have to constantly turn on and off or you waste a lot of water with the running hose, you can simply spray (wet dog) clean, spray and rinse dog without having all the excess hose water spillage.

While I was able to spray leaves off my walk with it, it wasn’t a high enough pressure to be super efficient for that purpose, but it was great for cleaning off one of the wheel chair walkers that had gotten dusty and needed an outdoor cleaning.

Fanttik also offers a 1-year warranty. Remember to empty the water tank before storage to prevent leaks, as some drops are normal when inserting or removing the tank.

Watch the full review and testing

Overall I recommend it as long as you know you aren’t getting a high pressure PSI power washing system, it is designed for gentler hosing/spraying jobs that don’t require as high pressure but this also means you have no chance of the pressure being so high it can damage something.

Pick it up the Fanttik NB8 Nano Portable Cordless Electric Sprayer on Amazon today!

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.