Review of the Anker 9 Port USB 3 Hub

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So had a few hubs to review this week and was backlogged and one of the two is the Anker USB 3.0 9 port hub with 1 Charging port.  This means that this USB 3.0 hub has 10 total ports one of them being a dedicated device charger and it can be used to charge your tablet, PC or Anker Astro 3 battery while you are using the other 9 devices in the hub for your computer.

Here is the video review, but read on for a more detailed written review as well.

The Anker 9 Port USB 3.0 Hub is thin, long and stands about 1″ high, you notice that the active PC USB ports are blue colored and labeled clearly 1 through 9 and the charging port is black with a battery symbol next to it so you can’t forget.

anker 9 port usb hub (4)

The hub is ideal for laptops with only 2 or 3 USB ports when you have a lot of devices and really helps make sure you don’t have to keep poking around at your desktop computer if the USB ports are tucked in the back and you have it set on the floor like I do in my office.  At 9 USB ports you probably won’t need to use any other Hub or any other USB ports once you use this one.

anker 9 port usb hub (2)

For portability sake the power adapter is actually very big and nearly as long and wide as the hub itself, it also is fatter than the hub, this makes it not really ideal for constant travel due to the extra bulk of the hub and the power supply but it is fine for a solid stable position at home under your desk with the hub on top of your desk.

anker 9 port usb hub (3)

Speaking of hub on the desk, when you put the hub on your desk and start plugging a bunch of devices in, the weight of the USB plugs will start pulling the hub over one way or the other.So if you end up trying to set the USB Adapter on it’s back like it is in the picture below, it will eventually fall on it’s side.anker 9 port usb hub (1)

But the adapter works just fine on it’s side and at least keeps all of the cables going in one direction.  I would have liked to see either mounting brackets on the back or some sort of rubberized feet on the sides or back to help keep it in place and prevent it from sliding so much, or better yet, a way with back and sticky brackets to help it adhere to a wall just above the desk so it always faced you would be ideal.

anker 9 port usb hub (5)

When testing the Anker 9 Port USB 3.0 hub there are several things I look for to make sure a hub is functioning well, one is USB 3.0 transfer rates and I test with 2 separate flash drives and the hub performed as well as the USB port without the hub.  I also test with a Microphone and a Webcam, using my Logitech C920 and my Behringer USB mic to make sure there is no feedback, jitter or transfer issues, if a hub is poor quality typically I would hear audio feedback, or have issues with the webcam on a USB hub.  I had no issues whatsoever, my voice was clear with Audacity and the video recording you see above was done with the Logitech C920 plugged into the Anker 9 Port USB 3.0 hub with a mouse, keyboard, flash drive all plugged in and running in the background at the same time.

The Anker 9 Port USB 3.0 Hub with 1 Charging Port is a great deal, the only improvements I would recommend is rubberized feet on the back or sides and/or some way to mount the bracket to a wall with some sort of adhesive mount brackets on the back.  If they can also reduce the size of the power adapter that would be a plus for travel and portability too.  Other than those facts, this hub will solve all of your USB 3.0 needs and give you all the ports you could want.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.