Before and After the #IntelAIO PC Arrives

So I was extremely excited that I was being sent an AIO PC to review and test out over the next few months and I didn’t know what model would come to me beforehand.  It was a surprise and the campaign was sending different Intel AIO PC models to different parties to review so they could be comprehensive in showing how the different manufacturers took advantage of the portability, style and power that can come with an AIO PC.

An AIO PC is what it says, an All in One PC, typically these are literally a monitor with all the internal guts of a PC combined with the monitor frame.  The latest generation of AIO PC’s are also touch screen and some can be used as a large tablet as well as a PC, though they lack the portability of a true tablet, they do have more functionality, style and portability than a full PC and make for an excellent home entertainment system PC or bedroom PC where you don’t want a tower or desktop and really don’t’ want a whole laptop with closing/opening lid, plus AIO PC’s tend to have much larger screens than laptops so you can more easily watch movies on them.

This AIO PC was going to fit in nicely in my little vacation pad up in California, where I don’t currently have a dedicated PC and have to lug my laptop back and forth.  My little desk area currently looked like this before the Intel AIO PC arrived.

Work Area before AIO PC

I was super excited when my Intel AIO PC came and it turned out to be the Dell XPS 18 which is full 18″ Touch screen AIO with an Intel Core-i3 processor, 4GB of RAM and a 500GB Hard Drive.

Dell XPS 18

I opened it up and it took only a few moments to setup and get installed and configured, the wireless setup was quick and it came with an awesome Bluetooth keyboard and mouse combo that worked nicely.

Now you can see the laptop and my Intel AIO PC side by side.


Let’s look at the Dell XPS 18 Intel AIO PC a little closer, it has a keyboard icon in the task tray


Here is another profile pic of the Dell XPS 18 with the Bluetooth keyboard and mouse that come with it already paired.


Right off the bat I loved how smooth the interface was and a touch screen makes Windows 8 worlds better, I had Windows 8 on my desktop PC at my other house but it doesn’t have a touch screen so I always just boot to desktop, but with the Dell XPS 18 I can navigate with my finger opening applications, sliding things around as I want them and it works well.

My kids just loved watching Neflix on my Intel AIO PC too at night as their bed time movie, where I just set it up and logged into Netflix and let them tap on the movie they wanted.


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