Review of the Anker Dual Driver Bluetooth Speaker

I somehow missed doing an Anker Bluetooth Speaker review in January and had all of the images, testing and couldn’t find my write up of the review.  So I decided to take some extra time and re-test one of the previous Anker Bluetooth speakers I had used before which is the Anker MP230 Bluetooth Speaker which is also the Anker Dual Driver Bluetooth Speaker.

Anker Dual Driver MP230 (2)

Anker Dual Driver MP230 (4)

The Anker Dual Driver Speaker has an on/off switch in the back, and a microUSB plug to charge it.

Anker Dual Driver MP230 (6)

It also has volume buttons on the side of the speaker as well as the Bluetooth pairing button.

The Anker MP230 is almost as large as a clock speaker you would have on your end table, it would actually have been awesome if they added an LED clock to it actually so you can use it as a nightstand speaker and this would be a good added feature.

Anker Dual Driver MP230 (3)

I first paired the speaker with my iPad and listened to a wide range of tracks including some music by Seether, The Japanese Popstars, AWOLNATION and so many more.

Anker Dual Driver MP230 (1)

You can tell I was testing the speaker around Christmas with the Mannheim Steamroller playlist in the iPhone 4S.

Then I paired the speaker with my iPhone 4S and pairing the Anker MP230 with your Bluetooth device is a breeze, and no password required you just select the device and it pairs instantly.

2013-12-12 12.05.17

I found the sound quality to be very good, with the dual drivers you get more power and clearer sound, especially Bass than the Anker Mini Bluetooth speaker.  It definitely provides enough volume to fill a 10×10 room, but is a little underpowered for a large living room if you want the whole room flooded with loud tunes.

Anker Dual Driver MP230 (5)

I doing a re-review of the speaker and comparing it to the newer Anker Bluetooth Speaker Cube (the MP141) I actually found the MP141 has a little bit better sound than the MP230 even with the dual driver of the MP230.   But the MP141 Cube Speaker is $15 more and the difference in sound quality wasn’t so much that I would justify the extra cost unless you wanted the slightly smaller footprint of the cube speaker.  I tend to like a side facing directional speaker myself a bit more than one that points straight up, so for me the Anker Dual Driver Bluetooth speaker was preferable to the other two Anker Bluetooth speakers I reviewed.

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At $25.99 this is a fantastic deal and I actually gave the Anker Dual Driver Bluetooth Speaker as a Christmas gift to a friend who loved it and uses it all the time to pair with their iPhone for listening to music in the whole room.  If you need a budget Bluetooth speaker to help get better and louder sound than the default speakers in your tablet or smartphone, then the Anker Dual Driver Speaker does a great job in it’s price class.

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