Review of the HooToo USB 3 8-Port Hub

A USB hub that includes 1 2A USB Device Charging port is an excellent thing for those who have a limited amount of USB 3 ports on their laptop or PC and the convenience of extending those ports to make room for more devices comes at the cost of charging a tablet.  The HooToo USB 3.0 8-port hub is really a 7 port hub with 1 USB 3 Charging port, since the charging port that is pinkish/red and indicated is meant for charging your tablets rather than acting as a USB port to connect to your PC.

HooToo-USB-Hub (6)

The hub has 4 USB ports on each side of the device and as I mentioned the 1 pink port is your charging port (it also has the charging symbol next to it) this port won’t recognize any USB devices for transfer and I used it for charging my iPad 2 and Kindle Fire to confirm it puts out enough power to charge a tablet.

HooToo-USB-Hub (3)

The back of the HooToo 8 port hub has the other 4 USB 3.0 ports.

HooToo-USB-Hub (5)

The hub comes with a power adapter that is a little larger and takes up slightly more than one A/C outlet but it is fine and has a long enough cord.  It also comes with the USB 3 cord to plug it into your PC as well.

HooToo-USB-Hub (4)

Stacked up against another 7 port USB hub, you can see the HooToo 8 port USB hub is a little shorter and thinner than some other 7 port USB hubs.

HooToo-USB-Hub (7)

The only things I can point out about the HooToo USB 8 port hub that would be minor items are that the HooToo hub does require that you plug devices into both sides rather than all plugs face the same direction, and it doesn’t have indicator lights when an active device is plugged in.

One by one I tested all of the ports with a Kingston HyperX 64GB USB Drive, and an iPad to make sure both devices were recognized in all ports and they were.

Transfer rates through the USB 3.0 hub in every port were consistent and I was able to get between 120MB and 130MB per second transfer rates with my USB 3.0 Kingston thumb drive.  Transferring 3GB of data in about 30 seconds is fantastic I can tell you, this would mean you can copy a whole 4.7GB DVD iSO in less than a minute and a dual layer 9GB DVD iso in less than 2 minutes.


The HooToo 8 Port USB 3 Hub which has 1 charging port is an excellent addition if you find yourself with a laptop running out of USB 3 ports and you want to have one that can charge a tablet while you are leveraging the other ports. The 1 extra powered port makes it quick and easy to leave your tablets plugged in for charging while you use the other 7 USB ports for all your accessories.

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