Arctic P604 Wireless Headphones: Rich Sound instead of Urban Bustle

Every city has its soundtrack – but who really wants to hear this mix out of traffic noise and multiple voices? With the P604 Wireless you replace urban noise trough rich sound and give the city crush your own soundtrack.

The world simply feels better with your favorite song in your ear. And thanks to the P604 Wireless this also sounds like more. Powerful basses and clear trebles intensify your music experience without neglecting clarity of sound. Enhanced 40 mm neodymium drivers capture even the slightest nuances and play back every song as richly faceted as possible.
In the train, while shopping or on the way to work – with the Bluetooth headphones you experience the city according to your own taste.
Thanks to the stylish tone in tone aesthetic in four different colors the P604 Wireless also provides the right look for the streets. The graphic patterns ensure even more individuality on your ears and the adjustable headband an optimal fit.
With no more than 142 grams the Bluetooth headphones is an absolute lightweight and so comfortable that it can be worn the whole day. Ultra-gently closing foam cushions are wellness for your ears and guarantee wearing comfort without any pressure.
Not even the battery does interrupt the listening experience – a Bluetooth chipset of the latest generation provides non-stop music up to 30 hours. The connection between the headphones to your devices is established within seconds.

And in case you need to be available for the rest of the world sometimes, you can answer and reject calls thanks to the built-in microphone and multifunction button easily.

“Swiss quality headphones with Bluetooth 4.0 which also look good and are not expensive. The battery brings 30 hours of completely wireless musical pleasure. This way a Bluetooth headphone is fun.”
QUICK FACTS P604 Wireless On-Ear Street Headphones with Microphone

  • Accented bass and treble
  • Ultra-lightweight design
  • Gently closing ear pads
  • 30 hours battery life
The P604 Wireless is now available at ARCTIC as well as on Amazon.

For a launch offer of 59,99 USD instead of 87,99 USD.

And for fans of pure and unadulterated tones:
The furtherimproved P614 (BT) with best comfort and sound. The sound response is genuine, so you hear your songs precisely as they were recorded in the studio.P614 BT (with Bluetooth 4.0) available at Amazon for a price of 56.99USD instead of 89,99 USD.
P614 (wired) available at ARCTIC for a price of 39,99 USD instead of 79,99 USD.
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Justin Germino
Justin Germino
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