RIM Introduces BBM Music App

RIM today announced its new social music service application for its BlackBerry smartphones called BBM Music. The new application will soon be made available later this year, which allows all the BlackBerry users to share and discover music with friends. The new application is nothing but a BlackBerry version of the cloud music service, which requires you install the latest BBM 6 on your BlackBerry phone.

BBM Music App Features

  • Create playlists with BBM Music and also with friends music list
  • Share your playlists or songs with friends
  • Save your music for offline listening
  • Create your own music profiles from millions of available tracks
  • Follow friend’s BBM Music activities
  • Invite friends to BBM Music from your BBM contacts
  • Integrates BBM Music with other BlackBerry Music services

BBM Music app allows users to create their own profile by adding upto 50 songs from the available Music catalog, which lets you share with your friends. So in other words, your friend’s playlist also becomes part of your playlist.  Along with the general artist, album, song search, the Catalog tab also features preset song suggestions based upon genre, what’s new, top and most recommended tracks, and even picks from the BBM Music team.

BBM Music also provides integration with other BlackBerry Music services, which lets you access and also purchase songs other music stores such as Amazon MP3 Music store, etc. To get more updates regarding the launch and services of the application, check out the BBM Music page and signup to get all the notifications of the latest updates.

So what do you think of the new BlackBerry cloud music service? 




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