Room Full of Computer Parts can Lead to Giveaways

I find my home office has become somewhat of a good old fashioned car junkyard as of late, but instead of old car parts, cars, hoods, wheels, tires, engines and other car junk it is home to Computer Parts, PC Peripherals, tablet peripherals, cases, headsets, hubs, routers, Ethernet cables, and much more.


I managed to forge a few good relationships with companies who send us products to test and review and some of the extras turn into product giveaways or the companies get kind enough to send us enough computer parts to both test and some to giveaway to our readers to help drum up support and buzz about their products.

But what computer parts, accessories do readers want to see us giveaway more of here on  Lately the Google Nexus 7 has been popular and we kick off another giveaway Sunday April 7th for the Google Nexus 7 tablet but I wonder how many readers want more computer accessories, and other odd items that we may come across here.

Sometimes I poll on Facebook to see what the fans may want, but feel free to share your comments on some ideas of computer parts, peripherals and other accessories you may also be interested in winning.  I have given away some mice and had some degree of success, but haven’t given away any headsets, webcams or other peripherals before so trying to see what the interest level would be.


What are some of your favorite brands for PC Equipment too, do you want me to see and do more Logitech product giveaways?  Or is Razer your preferred PC accessory supplier?  Plantronics, of course I just bought the GameCom 780 7.1 Headset and it is a pretty good deal, but they have other accessories as well.

Let me know some brands, products and computer parts that you may want me to look into forging relationships with the vendors to get some to giveaway for the fans, or what you want to see us review so we can tell you the truth on whether the product is worth your time and hard earned money.

Share your thoughts.

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