Sabrent Micro USB Cable 6 Pack Review


So having a 10 Port USB Hub I am finding that I am losing MicroUSB cables all the time and can’t find any when I need them, so I wanted to find a nice pack of MicroUSB cables that were shorter in length but long enough to use for a 10 port hub where the cable could curve around with the device sitting in a slot.  What I determined was a 1 foot cable length was about perfect as I was using 6 inch cables previously and they were too short to work well for tablets.

I didn’t want super thin cables either, I have had the rubber peel off cheaper USB cables so I took a chance on the Sabrent Micro-USB Cable Pack and I was pleasantly surprised at just how high the quality was and what you get for only $7.99.

The Sabrent Micro USB cables feature a standard Type-A USB connector on one end and a Micro USB Type-B connector on the other. For example, you can plug the Type-A connector into your computer or  USB Hub  or charging station, then plug the Micro Type-B connector into a device with a Micro Type-B port. Which are most Android phones and Bluetooth Speakers and headsets.  This cable can be disconnected and reconnected many times without issue.  This USB cable can be used for charging or data transfer.

In The Box:

•6x Sabrent Micro USB to USB Cables.
•Sabrent 1 Year Warranty Card

The Sabrent Micro-USB Cable claims to support up to 480-Mbps transmission speed but I didn’t perform any transfer tests since I was most focused on simply charging with my 10 port USB hub.  Each cable is 1 foot long and the cables have a good deal of thickness to them, they won’t twist up and break on the inside nor will the cable peel off easily like with the cheap thin USB cables.  A bonus also is that each cable includes a Velcro tie to neatly organize and fold your cables.  The fact they include an attached Velcro one each cable in this pack is what makes this a 5 star product to me.


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