How Secure is your password ?

Finally changed your password? and made it a short and sweet one so that hackers can exploit it?

How Secure is My Password analyses how complex your password is and tells you how long it takes for an Average Desktop PC to crack it.It also checks if your password is among the top 400 list of commonly used passwords and if it is a word.Most people make mistakes by using too small a password , the common password mistakes are

  1. Your partner, child, or pet’s name, possibly followed by a 0 or 1.
  2. The last 4 digits of your social security number.
  3. 123 or 1234 or 123456. (THE most stupid password on thy planet )
  4. “password”
  5. Your city, or college, football team name.
  6. Date of birth – yours, your partner’s or your child’s.
  7. “god”
  8. “letmein”
  9. “money”
  10. “love”

The Worst Passwords of ALL time

The image above shows the most easily cracked passwords of all time . If you think that a five letter password is secure , think again , it will take just 0.047525504 seconds to hack your password , make it a sox letter with no number and special characters and it becomes 1 second , make it 7 letters and it takes 32 seconds.Now add numbers and special characters (!,@#) and capotal letters and create a seven digit password and then your password’s security increases considerably and it takes 333 days to crack it!

Tips for a strong password

  1. Do not use the name of someone you know
  2. Make it big  > 10 characters
  3. Throw in special characters randomly ( h#llo , p@sw , !O_O! use your imagination :D )
  4. Include upper and lower case letters and make it something easy to remember like  D0gGi$$ or Su~mAn
  5. You can also test your password on Comparitech.

How Secure is My password? Test here.

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