Secure Your Smart Home With Lockibly Smart Locks

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Gone are the days of using old fashioned locks and always having to worry about carrying your keys with you while leaving the house. With the advancement in today’s technology, everything is getting smarter. And one of the things that did not get left behind is smart locks. Smart locks provide way better security when compared to traditional lock and key. Smart locks are much safer and convenient to use with their fingerprint system, keyless entry and many more features. In this article, we will be taking a look at a collection of smart locks by Lockibly

Lockibly has a lineup of three smart locks which are Activa, Veti, and Aura. Each smart lock provides maximum security that eliminates the threat of any hackers or robbers. Let’s check out what each smart lock has to offer. 


Activa comes equipped with an advanced 3D fingerprint sensor that only recognizes actual fingers. This removes the threat of copied fingerprints using cheap tactics. Activa can store up to 100 fingerprints so that everyone in your household can have access to the smart lock. The installation is super easy and can be done within minutes and does not require any outside help. The latest version of Activa has a two-way access system so you can either unlock it with your fingerprint or with a mechanical key. The door auto-locks within 3 seconds of being open. Activa is weather-resistant and it is powered by 4x AAA batteries and has a battery life of 365 days.


Veti has all of the features available on Activa and more. Just like Activa, Veti can be unlocked using a fingerprint and a mechanical key. But Veti comes with a five-way access system which means that it can also be unlocked by using the safe password, Bluetooth, and lastly, with the TTLock App. Veti has a number pad on the lock so that the user can type in the password and unlock the door. By registering Veti with your Bluetooth device, you can get unlock the door with one touch. The TTLock application is super beneficial for a BnB owner as they can share temporary access key to the temporary resident.


Aura is their most advanced and durable smart lock. Aura can be unlocked by using a fingerprint, safe passcode, token access, TTLock App, and Bluetooth. The safe passcode on Aura is an upgraded version as it has an Anti-Peep function that allows the user to type in any random code as long as the main password is inputted in the longer code. This will prevent any stranger from peeping in and stealing your password. Bluetooth Smart Connectivity allows the user to use the TTLock App to unlock the door via Bluetooth. Token access is a unique token which replaces the mechanical key. It can be used to unlock the door. Aura is hack-proof with its AES128 Bit encryption technology that is used by security agencies and governments across the world.

Wi-Fi Gateway

Wi-Fi Gateway is an addon that can be purchased along with Veti and Aura Smart Locks. It has quite a few features such as remote access which lets you lock and unlock your smart lock from anywhere in the world as long as it is connected to your home WiFi. Sharing and modifying E-keys is much simpler with the Wifi-Gateway. Real-time monitoring provides the user with notifications about the door status, battery life, and other activity logs. Finally, your smart locks can be locked and unlocked through voice using Alexa and Google Home. Wi-Fi Gateway is an excellent choice for Airbnb owners.

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We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.