Securing Online Account Passwords

Your online usernames and passwords are vital to protecting your identity, information and bank account while you are browsing the web. By taking a few simple steps, you can make sure that online criminals don’t gain access to them.

Many people use the same password for all their web and email accounts. This is a big mistake. It leaves you wide open to a serious security breach affecting your email account, social media profile and even your bank account.

So what can you do to stop this happening to you?

The first tip is a simple one but is often overlooked. Be careful about what you put online. Once something is available for the world to see on the internet, it is very difficult if not impossible for it to be completely erased as it will have been stored on your internet service provider’s server and may also have been saved by other people before you had the chance to remove it. If in doubt, leave it out.

Never Share Passwords

You should never share your password with anyone else. Even sharing your password with a friend or relative risks leaving you open to a security breach as they may inadvertently disclose it to a third party. This is especially true if your password is a weak one and/or you use the same password for all your web and email accounts.

Use Stronger Passwords

Strong passwords – one with lots of different letters and numbers which can’t easily be guessed at – are a surefire defense against those seeking to steal your online identity, information or money. You should also change your passwords regularly and straight away if you suspect a security breach in any of your web or email accounts.  Passwords should never be less than 8 characters and should include uppercase/lowercase/numbers and special character ($,@,*…etc).  Never use friends, pets, names or today’s date/year in passwords these are too common.

Change Passwords Regularly

Changing your passwords might seem like a nuisance but it is as nothing to the inconvenience you will experience if someone gains unauthorized access to your online accounts.

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