Securing Your Mac: Tips to Make your Mac Impenetrable for Unwanted Events

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A major advantage of a Mac computer is its ability to foster user experience with regard to performance and quality. Mac computers are powerful, elegant, storing your whole world, such as pictures, videos, work related documents, and every other stuff you care about. But, is your computer safe and highly protected against potential harms? The responsibility is solely yours to make your Mac machine entirely secure. Doing so will benefit you in two ways- one is it will keep all your data safe and second includes the optimum level of performance of your Mac. Therefore, the post will bring you important and useful Mac security tips in the next sections. Continue reading.

Keep Your Mac Updated

To make a Mac computer protected against viruses, hackers, and unfavorable events, you must keep it up-to-date. An updated computer includes the latest updates of Mac OS X, Safari browser, and other native as well as third-party applications. It is also mandatory to notice the expiry date and install updates for everything on a regular basis. You can go to ‘Software update’ on your Mac to check for updates.


Goto System Preferences<Software Update<Show Update goes to App Store

Disable Automatic Login and Use Strong Password

While entering the password each time is not appreciated or even liked, it is not possible to leave the door of your home unlocked even if it irritates you. Therefore, it is strictly recommended not to enable the automatic login. If you go back to the time where computers seemed to be a magic, you will know that the value of using strong passwords has been maintained till now. And of course, it is an effective way to restrict the usage of your computer by an unauthorized user. The standard way of creating a strong password includes using eight characters, a combination of numbers, special characters, and alphabets, one character must be in capital to double the security. Moreover, it is an old technique adopted by users to try out same password for multiple services; therefore, make sure to keep different password for each service.


Goto System Preferences<Users & Groups<Click on Admin Account<Change Password

Goto System Preferences<Users & Groups<Login Items<Add-Remove Login items

Install an Adequate Security Suite

A well-known recommendation is getting a capable security application for your Mac. Installing a security suite blocks automatic downloads and allows accessing secure websites. If it finds a malicious website or an application on Mac, it warns you with a descriptive message. In addition, the security suite also allows scheduling the scan; make sure to schedule a weekly scan. The program will simply run in the background without interfering with the ongoing tasks.


Image Source: CultofMac

Lock the Admin Privileges

You know that Administrator is the default account on your Mac. People with wrong intention may leverage it to harm your Mac machine with infections. Therefore, never make a mistake to allow Admin privileges, rather create a non-Admin account and use it.

Use Password Manager

Using a password manager is definitely going to benefit you as you have a way that won’t require to re-enter the passwords. A password manager, Keychain comes by default with the new versions of Mac OS X. It will prompt you to create a strong passphrase; once done, the password will be stored in Keychain so you do not need to remember numerous passwords.

Turn on the Built-in Firewall

Your Mac OS X provides an inbuilt Firewall that thwarts the cyber criminals who attempt to break the security fence you have tied for your Mac. Turning on the Firewall is one of the greatest security measures, as it has the ability to block malicious network connections, websites and also regulates the outbound traffic.


Goto System Preferences<Security & Privacy<Firewall tab<Click on Turn Firewall on

So, your Mac machine has the spunk to offer everything you expect from it. All you need to do is keep giving it a dose with the above described strategies regularly.

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We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.