Set the Mood With Awesome Soundtracks From Games

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We all know that games are designed to be immersive. From clicking your keys on your keyboard to the corresponding sounds and effects, everything is designed to transport our mind into an immersive experience. Everything is designed with a purpose. And what better way to ensure continuous immersive levels than composing amazing soundtracks for a game? Games usually come with soundtracks with different themes that helps set the level or a particular scene in the game. Let’s explore some amazing soundtracks from games that can help you set the mood.

Witcher 3

The reviews that this game got did not just stop at the graphics, storyline, game mechanics. The music composed for this game is a huge part of what drives the magic of Witcher 3. Stressing its era, the soundtracks are composed using older instruments, to give it an era-appropriate feel to it. Of course, you’ll get orchestral pieces that are mixed with Slavic and Eastern European folk music elements. You’ll get amazing pieces like this:

Here’s a bonus, Witcher’s Gwent soundtrack because why not:


Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

The next entry in our list will be revolving around cybernetics, augmented humans, cyborgs, and the future. Infused with familiar cyberpunk and futuristic elements that I’m sure most of you are well aware of after years of exposure to pop culture and gaming, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided brought us a great gaming experience. Together with the game comes a set of soundtracks built to sync with the futuristic and cyber theme brought about by the game. Various soundtracks for this game acts as great ambient music. If you’re looking for soundtracks that reflects a time in the future with a hint of spirituality, check out the soundtracks for this game. Here’s a sample of what they have to offer:

God of War

Do you feel deep seeded hate? Perhaps due to years of manipulation by the Gods of Olympus? Or are you haunted by the destruction and judgment handed down to the entire Greek pantheon by your own hands? I’m getting very specific here you guys, I’m sure you all know who am I talking about. One of the biggest hits of 2018, God of War have seen whole new gameplay as well as a fresh plot (well, different culture, different Gods, still different though). Expect an epic collection of soundtracks which showcases the character Kratos’s evolution throughout the game. From the low profile soundtracks showcasing an aged Kratos in hiding, slowly ascending the ladder of power (and anger) as he travels in an epic journey with his son. Here’s something to give you goosebumps:


Hey, I get it. Sometimes, the theme of music could throw you off. Sci-fi and fantasy? Maybe those aren’t your cup of tea. You prefer something that closely resembles genres in the real world. Or perhaps you’re just old souled inside. Well, fret not for I have the perfect collection of soundtrack coming out from one single game. Cuphead’s old school cartoon (freakish looking) also brings the smooth tunes of jazz. It also features different tempos of jazz and ragtime. If you’re a big fan of these genres, or if you’re just curious on how these pioneering genres would sound like as a game soundtrack, give the soundtrack album. Here’s a small taste:



Ignoring the disaster that is the lead guy who made this game, Fez is undoubtedly a great indie puzzle platform game that we’ve had the pleasure of experiencing. And along with the cute characters and the pleasant environment built on pixel graphics and vibrant colors, comes a soundtrack that is entirely electronic. And I’m sure some of you might be a skeptical due to the nature of fully electronic soundtrack and how it could get too a high pitch at certain points. You can’t listen to an hour of shrill tones. But it’s safe to say that the music for this particular produces a calming effect. Polished well and designed to complement the puzzle element of the game, Fez sets a relaxing and chill mood after a busy day. Here, some chill vibes:


The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Now here comes one of the most iconic games that everyone in the gaming community would know. And perhaps non-gamers would also recognize the game’s name after a dozen reference to it in meme culture. So let’s talk soundtrack. The music brought by in this game sums up the Hero’s Journey perfectly. From your lowly beginnings to the lonely journey of a thousand miles, to epic battles with beasts from myths, Skyrim’s soundtrack perfectly blends into each gameplay and game plot seamlessly, giving it a spark of life as well as setting the mood. The soundtrack sparks confidence and enhances focus on every beat. Begin your journey in whatever you want to accomplish for the day, accompanied with mood-enhancing soundtrack such as this:

Game soundtracks are primarily designed to help gamers to be in a state of immersion. And it’s a no brainer to associate focus with these soundtracks, which could actually be used for other things that require focus in daily life. Or perhaps you would like to set a certain mood. Whatever your intention is, game soundtracks are your best bet to make it happen. It comes in various genres, and it appeals to various crowds. Top up your iTunes account with these, and treat yourself with great works of art in the form of sound waves.


We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.