Setting Up A Gaming Rig On A Budget

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The craze these days is all about playing games and getting the best gaming PC. With worldwide leading manufacturers bringing to every gaming fanatic an inapprehensible amount of different devices, it has become difficult to keep track of all new releases. However, every real gamer knows that you should never buy a new gaming PC, but fix your own gaming rig instead. Some would call it “edgy,” others will think it is cool. Still, one thing is certain, it is difficult to do. Though, achieving this on a budget is even more difficult.

Thus, here are a few ways you can set up your own gaming rig without having to spend too much.

What You Need

When looking to widen your computing arsenal, a few things must be taken into consideration. For instance, you must think about the tools you will be using to build your gaming rig. This will, for the most part, consist of a screwdriver, as you will be dealing with screws essentially. However, you may also need additional tools. Now, let us get to work.


A gaming rig is nothing without the desk that will carry it. Since your rig will have a number of cables coming out and going in, look for a desk that features cable holes and a grommet. Essentially, what you want is a computer desk, but the computer desk wizards at The Videogame Blog explain that if you are looking for budget desk options, you should be mindful of the size, as it does make a difference. They point out that an L-shaped desk that fits perfectly in a corner will do the trick for you. They can cost as little as $100 and come in different designs.


What you need when looking to get your processor is one that supports the graphics of the games you will be playing. Ideally, a processor that features a quad-core chip, with a little 4.0GHz boost clock should get things ticking. You can get one for as little as $94.99. However, it may not have enough juice to play top-end games, so do your research.


Arguably the most important part of a PC, the motherboard contains all of the principal components of a computer. As such, you shouldn’t skimp on it too much because if something goes wrong with the motherboard, you may have to rebuild the computer. Look for one that costs somewhere around $120. Nevertheless, when you are picking your motherboard you do not necessarily have to go for the most feature-rich one on the market. As long as it works fine and supports the gaming rig well, the motherboard you choose will suffice.

Memory (RAM & ROM)

When you are picking your memory, whether it is a RAM or ROM, you should do so carefully. Ideally, a 16GB RAM will get things working well for you. However, since you are on a budget, go for an 8GB RAM, which should not give you any problems. It will work well with most games, as long as you turn down the resolution. The RAM can cost you as little as $40.

As for the ROM, anywhere between 1TB and above will do just fine. However, they can come at a steep price. The ROM can cost you up to $250. Yet, you can even get it for much less. So, browse around a little, and do your research.

Graphic Card & SSD

Your graphic card will probably take the largest piece of the pie, probably hurting your pockets. The cheap ones can cost $120-$250. Since the card is responsible for converting the data into something your monitor can show, you will want to look for one that supports good storage. That said, an 8GB storage should work well even at 1080p. As for the SSD, 128GB should suffice despite being small. They can cost you $30-$40. Though, you can also find cheaper ones.

Computer Case & Power Supply

Computer cases should cost you no more than $60. Essentially, what you will be paying for is the airflow a case offers. As for the power supply, look for one that features an 80+ efficiency rating, so you can avoid a fire hazard. You can find ones for the attractive price of $45-$60.

Setting up a gaming rig is a very intricate process that can prove expensive, even when you browse for budget items. Also, try to keep in mind the size of your desk because gaming rigs can end up needing much space. Apart from that, just browse stores, and make sure you find something that is suitable for both your needs and your pocket.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.