Sharkk PowerShake Power Bank Charger Review

There have been no shortage of power bank and charger reviews here at so I wanted to make sure there is something unique and different I can say about the chargers and power banks that we continue to get to review and Sharkk has provided us with their PowerShake Power Bank Charger which is a little different and worth sharing.

You can see the video review of the Sharkk PowerShake Power Bank Charger

What you are getting with the PowerShake by Sharkk is an external battery that can also pass through and charge devices while it is plugged into the wall and also charging.  This means it is always ready to go and is an excellent travel companion for hotel rooms as it keeps itself charged while keeping your phone and tablet charged.  Though it has a limitation and can only charge 1 tablet while the PowerShake is also charging, you can charge 2 phones at the same time the PowerShake is itself charging. It gives priority to plugged in devices, so if you happen to have a tablet and a phone plugged in, it may output charge and not be able to charge it’s own battery at the same time.

Sharkk PowerShake (1) Sharkk PowerShake (2) Sharkk PowerShake (3) Sharkk PowerShake (4)

Other than that, it has Smart ports so that it adjusts the output based on the device plugged in, this means faster battery charge times and you don’t have to fiddle with which port is for tablet and which port is for smartphone on the Sharkk PowerShake. For those of you worried that motion may accidentally cause it to turn on and power drain while bouncing in a backpack or airport luggage, it takes a fair shake not just sliding or shifting to turn it on so this shouldn’t be an issue.


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