Shoot Fireballs From Your Wrist with the Pyro Mini Fireshooter!

Oh yes, who here hasn’t ever wanted to be able to shoot a fireball from their wrists. I think back to the game Street Fighter and playing as my favorite character Ryu and his Hadoken ability and telling myself just how cool it would be to be able to shoot a fireball like that. Well, I can make my dreams somewhat true and so can you, with the Pyro Mini Fireshooter. The Pyro Mini Fireshooter gives you the ability to shoot mini fireballs from your wrists. Simply put, the flash cotton and flash paper load into the wrist chamber and all you do is put the shooter around your wrist and with the remote trigger you push a button and the barrel will shoot a fireball up to ten feet.

The Pyro Mini Fireshooter really makes for a great way to entertain your guests or even as a means to add to your show if you are performing magic, for instance. One thing that you could even show off is being able to light a candle on fire from far away, that is if you have had enough practice at home in doing so which would make for another great trick to show off to your friends at your next gathering. The Pyro Mini Fireshooter was also built with your safety in mind as the remote and the button on the wrist itself both have an on/off switch so make sure that you switch both of those off while not in use. You can also hold down the fire button to show off an impressive fire burn, a constant stream of fire coming from your wrists.

So for those of you that have always wanted to feel like a superhero or many even a supervillain, now you have your chance. The Pyro Mini Fireshooter will give you a chance at showing off and learning many tricks as well as a great way to try and impress your friends in a way that will be fun for everyone.

Pyro Mini Shooter Product Features:

  • Discreet device for firing small pieces of quick-burn material
  • Hides under shirtsleeve
  • Select handheld or remote function
  • Dual-barrelled
  • Barrels can be fired individually or simultaneously
  • Remote range: 30’ (9.14 m)
  • Includes detachable wrist strap, a bundle of flash cotton, 10 large sheets of flash paper, loader, 3 velcro straps for sleeves, cleaning rod, antenna, practice wrist strap, remote arm strap, tweezers, and USB charger
  • Includes enough combustion material for 120 uses
  • Warning: this is not a toy. Do not use if below age 18. Do not use without watching instructional videos from the manufacturer.

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