Showcasing Bloggerjet and a Great Guide to Blog Comments

I could write another article about blog commenting, but recently I came across an article on BloggerJet called Satan’s Guide to Blog Commenting which covers 21 Tips to skyrocket your blog comments.

This article covers everything from creative ways to engage and bring in your readers and invite them to participate to comment systems to try.  One method mentioned as an option is to close comments after 2 weeks to help increase the “hurry up and comment now, before it’s too late mentality” but I know from experimentation and experience this doesn’t work for blogs where most of your traffic comes from Google search results.  I still get good comments on this site left on articles over a year old consistently so I don’t believe comments should ever be closed unless it is a contest that has ended.  (You don’t want people thinking they can leave a comment and enter a closed contest).

Either way I was very impressed with this article on BloggerJet and recommend you read it even if you are used to blog commenting.

Read this blog commenting guide article now, after you finish this one!


Now speaking of BloggerJet, I was first drawn into BloggerJet via an invitation to participate in a banner exchange program which I did turn down, but I was so impressed with the quality of the articles on the site and the goals set by Tim Soulo that I couldn’t help but feel inspired.  His goals are to reach 100k visits per month by 6 months and he started off by reaching 3k visits in his first 30 days of the blog, hoping to double every month until he achieves his goal.

I know from experience these are very difficult goals to achieve, while I was able to sort of match the 1-3 month goals with back in 2008, it took me 3 years to reach 100k pageviews per month and this site generates about 45 published articles per month.  One thing I don’t do is the massive commenting on other blogs which brings back mutual comments, I am just a part time blogger though and try to be as social as possible while still having a day job.

Either way, it had been a while since I showcased a blog here on and BloggerJet caught my interest and therefore was worth showcasing.

Here’s to BloggerJet and hoping they reach their goal of reaching 100k visits in 6 months.  I should note the blog started on August 17th 2011, so they are hoping to reach the goal by February 2011.

How do you feel about these goals?  Is 100,000 visits per month within 6 months achievable?  Have you ever set a similar goal for your site and did you succeed?

-Dragon Blogger

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