Showcasing the Raspberry Pi Zero

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How many computers do you have? If you’re like me, you have a lot, and you probably do not have the room for all of them on your desk.
My last count, including all of the new android devices I have would make the count over 20. Yet, I barely have room for one. What am I to do? Is there a solution?
Well, once again I have a possible solution for you. I was looking around on Gearbest the other day, and say a deal I may just have to investigate further, in fact I have, and I am impressed. You see, the last computer I bought cost me over $300.00 and I simply do not have the money I need to buy another one, but when I saw the Raspberry Pi Zero Board I began to look a little closer.

I have to tell you that I have seen this before, in other places, but did not pay much attention to it, after all, I may be a geek when it comes to computers, but there are things I always thought were above my pay grade. Well, I can tell you after reading a bit, I no longer feel that way, at least, not about this.
Ok, so what is the Raspberry Pi? It is a complete, well almost complete computer that is super small.
Oh, and did I mention that at Gearbest it is less than $20? Did I tell you they do free, as in no cost to you, shipping?
So how big is this computer? Well, the specs say it is 65mm x 30mm x 5mm. In English, this is 2.5 inches x .7 inches x .19 inches. That is tiny, smaller than a credit card. That’s about the same as two US Quarters sitting side by side.
I want to share a little bit of the Technical stuff with you, and then talk more about this board.

• 1GHz ARM single-core
• 512 MB RAM with a “package-on-package” setup. (The ram sits on top of the processor)
• Micro SD Card Holder
• HDMI video out (it looks to be an HDMI mini) (Looks like there is a TV out on the board, but there is no plug included.)
• Audio Out through the HDMI
• USB Port (USB On-the Go) (You will need a USB OTG Cable, you can also use a simple USB hub to expand the ports)
• GP10 Header (this has been left blank but is available for you to use should you have the need, and know what to do with it)
• Power connection (you can power through the Hub)
This is absolutely the smallest computer I have ever seen, and it is almost ready to use. What does it need? Well, an operating system for starters. Ok, so that must be where all the cost come in right? Not at all. There are a number of free Linux based operating systems that work wonderfully with the Raspberry Pi Zero. I have over the years tested a few of them, and found them to be a delight.

I really like this. Yes, there are a few things I do not fully understand about it, but if I can use it with a variety of operating systems that are free, or program my own to make use of it, well, I am not going to complain. Many of us have monitors that will work with it. In fact, I can plug it into my TV and surf the web, play games, and so much more, all without the stress and fuss of moving a bulky computer around and finding a place to put it.
All that is left, is to go out and get one. Go here, and your done.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.