Sync your Facebook Events with Google Calendar & Android

Facebook is used by a lot of people today and many use it for getting updates from family, friends, colleagues, etc and people chat and what not. Many also manage their events and it also helps when someone in your friend list has birthday and wish them or where and when an event is being held, etc. Also, it is sometimes complicated to manage all your events when they are over different platforms as Facebook and Google. Everyone uses Google today and along with it, they use the Google Calendar as well and if you happen to use an Android device, you know how great it is.

If you want to sync your Facebook events with Google Calendar and on your Android phone, you can easily do that. It will help you as you’ll get all your event updates from Google and Facebook at one place, you can view them on your Calendar app on your Android phone, and event management get a lot easier. Once you sync your Facebook events with Google, all your existing as well as future Facebook events will be exported to Google Calendar and will automatically change/add as they come. To do so, just follow the simple steps below:

  1. First, open Facebook and click on Events on the left side.FB-homepage
  2. In the Events page, look at the lower right corner and you’ll see two different links to two different types of events. One being Birthdays and the other Upcoming Events.Events
  3. Right click on the desired one and click on Copy link address
  4. Now that you have your Facebook Events link, head over to Google Calendar.
  5. At the lower left hand side, click on the tiny drop-down icon next to Other calendars and click on Add by URL.Add by URL
  6. Now just paste the previously copied URL and hit Add calendar.Add clanedar In case you are having trouble with the URL, replace the webcal:// with https://.
  7. Just as you click on Add calendar, you’ll see your new calendar listed under the Other calendars and all the events in your Google Calendar.

That’s it. You now have your Facebook Events synced with your Google Calendar and all new events and modifications will be shown on Google Calendar as well.

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