Showcasing the FocusRite Scarlett Solo 3rd Gen USB Audio Interface

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Now let me preface this article by saying that while the store page is somewhat lacking in information about the Scarlett Solo, that won’t stop me from giving you ask much as I can about it as a product. What the Scarlett Solo 3rd Gen is is a USB audio hub for a home recording studio that allows you to monitor any live audio fed into it, without interference. It features multiple ways to control the quality of your input including a gain knob, live monitoring, and a mic input that promises little to no feedback with extended use.

It comes in a small, sleek red package, alongside a ten-foot guitar cable, and while the product page on Amazon is a bit lacking, I went straight to the horse’s mouth via the brand’s website and gathered all the facts I can on this piece of fine audio tech that Focusrite has offered up to my scrutinous eye.


  • Excellent Mic Pre-Amp

This is one of the best pre-amps FocusRite has on offer, and with the newly added Air switch, it’s perfect for miking up guitars or recording vocals.

  • A High Headroom Input

As the latest model, this unit features a High Headroom input, so you can plug your guitar or bass directly into it, meaning no clunky third party equipment

  • Easy Start Tool

The Scarlett Solo comes with easy start software available via their site to ensure the smoothest, most hassle-free startup possible.

  • High Performance Converters

Packaged in its red casing are high-performance audio converters allowing you to record, mix, and playback audio from anywhere, as long as you’ve got access to a personal computer.

Now while these are all the unique features, lets go over the technical specifications, because if you’re mixing audio you’re likely looking for gear that can handle specific sample rates and inputs, and making a purchase only to find out that you can’t even use it for whatever project you’re working on is the most frustrating part of shopping for new creative tech in general. This particular audio interface supports sample rates of 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 88.2kHz, 96kHz, 176.4kHz, 192kHz, and can handle the majority of the most modern instrument or recording inputs with ease.


Final Thoughts

While I couldn’t quite find a ton of information on the Scarlett Solo itself, FocusRite is a reputable brand with an incredibly well-designed website. The Scarlett Solo is a quality product and while the Amazon page is lacking in information, the site has incredibly detailed specs that I couldn’t quite go into for sake of conciseness here (not to mention a lot of it is simply bloating jargon that I can point you to the sites page to view if needed). It’s got reviews in GuitarPlayer and MusicTech, both renowned sources of information for the quality audio enthusiast, and aside from the unit itself, FocusRite offers an entire suite of audio software to suit your every recording need be it instruments, splicing, mixing, or anything else under that umbrella. Thank you for reading.

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We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.