Showcasing the MWSP01 Smart Qi Wireless Charging Mouse Pad

The MWSP01 Smart Qi Wireless Charging Mouse Pad provides you the ability to do something that I don’t think many of us ever expected out of a mouse pad before, the ability to charge your iPhone 8/X wirelessly. This is great for those of you with these Apple devices that want to simply rest your phone while using your keyboard and not need to plug in your device via the lighting cable and want easy, cord-free, access to your phone. This mouse pad has a very sleek design to it and has a ton of space to use your mouse freely and also be able to place your iPhone and let it charge. I know that the X can take up a lot of space so with this mouse pad you won’t have to worry about it taking up too much space and not having enough to freely maneuver your mouse around it as seen in the picture below. It also features an Aluminum Alloy Rotation Button that allows you to connect it to your computer and adjust the volume button.


Wireless Charging Function
It contains normal function and can give your Xiaomi Mi 2S, iPhone 8 / X charging simultaneously.
Aluminum Alloy Rotation Button
Aluminum Alloy material rotation button with intelligent technology can switch light mode ( including 16800 thousand RGB light color ).
You can download the official APP from Smartpad and it can control computer volume.
High-speed Charging Efficiency
7.5W charging big power improves up to 75 percent efficiency and saves your time.
Built-in Smart Chip
The smart chip can identify charging area quickly.
The built-in smart chip supports multi-protection, such as temperature protection, over-voltage protection, electromagnetic field protection, overcharge protection, etc.

This mouse pad is extremely impressive for the functionality that it provides. It is proven to make your charging needs easier as well as plenty of space to freely use your mouse and even easily able to control the volume on your computer. If you want to learn more about this product or even purchase it for yourself or as a gift, click on the Gearbest image below.

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