Singularity 5 A VR Experience to Savour

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Liberate Paris from the Machines’ Rebellion!

Singularity 5 moves the ‘VR’ experience up a big notch with this epic and ambitious 5 level arcade focused shooter, set in Paris in 2050! Developed by Monochrome, a French indie developer, this self funded and in house inspired title offers skillfully crafted settings with an impressive audio mastery that enhances the whole dynamics of the game. Its stunning vistas, complement the linear story, that opens up a world of a dystopian society. With Easy, Medium and Hard modes selectable, Singularity 5 is accessible and caters to all play styles.

Singularity 5 is available on PC via Steam and is compatible with Vive, WMR and Oculus Rift.

“We have seen and played a number of VR titles and our aim was to offer a fresh approach to our title, combining, looks, immersiveness, a challenge and a real sensory feel of being right in the centre of the action, which I feel we have achieved.” JB Grasset at Monochrome.

Transmission Start – Mission Orders <<<<<<<
Your mission is to advance through the five levels of the game by destroying all the Artificials and ultimately disconnect the Goddess from the temple of Moore. To complete your quest, you will be equipped with a high-tech and lavish arsenal which evolves according to the increasing difficulty of the game. You can discover these weapons in detail in the Factory. Five types of enemies with various attacks and strategies and two boss battles are presented.
Transmission End <<<<<<<

On the Level

The player will explore five unique levels in Paris, each with its own unique pictorial setting to provide a striking look that will immerse the player deeper into the challenge.

Level 1 introduces the player to the action inside the Palais du Trocadéro, transformed in recent decades into an Haute Couture fashion factory. You are a soldier on a mobile platform with other platforms around with prototypes on which Dressmakers & Drones are working. During a routine tour you find that one Artificial shows suspicious and violent behaviour who then suddenly began attacking humans. You will have to face and destroy these robots using a vertical travelling shot.

Level 2, The Bridge, sees you confronted by hordes of robots in a eye catching setting. Complete this challenge and a Futuristic Moto will be presented to glide onto Level 3, which takes you to the iconic Eiffel Tower and there stands the gigantic Arachnoïd, along with waves of ‘artificials’ on the attack.

Level 4, set in a majestic setting of French gardens, is where you will find the Boss Arachnoid, along with its supporting army before heading into Level 5, the final challenge, to save Paris with a darker and more sinister setting.

“We believe that Virtual Reality is a new medium at the crossroads of experience, video games, art and knowledge.” Monochrome.


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About Monochrome
Based in Paris, France; Monochrome are a 3D indie Studio who create realtime virtual reality experiences across a number of new and creative mediums including art, brand experiences and gaming. The Monochrome team believe in Savoir-Fair and timeless style. More information:

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.