Siri, Alexa, and Other AI: The Future Of Entertainment In Our Hands

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Virtual assistants, a subcategory of artificial intelligence, has come to a point where you can actually rely on this digital “being” to the point of setting your meetings, arranging your schedule, and more.

Through the last couple of years, the advancements in this technology have made our lives so much more convenient. No longer do you have to stare at a screen for over an hour, just to determine what movie you want to watch or which song should play next.

With a simple voice command, Siri and Alexa, the major players in the world of virtual assistants, would give you accurate suggestions – that you are very likely to enjoy.

Current Usage Of Voice Assistant Technologies

About 32% of the US population uses the Siri virtual assistant found on Apple devices regularly, and another 19% have tried using the technology at least once before.

Google’s Voice Assistant is also making waves, with about 24% of people choosing this one, stating that they prefer using this default AI that comes built into Google Home and Android smartphones.

The technology has also been made user-friendly. Even beginners can now learn how to fix common Alexa issues (or any other voice assistant) at home, without the need to pay a professional.

Alexa, the virtual assistant from Amazon, is equipped with 90,000 different skills and currently available on about 60,000 devices. More than 100 million devices have been sold with the Alexa AI pre-installed.

As we continue to move through this evolution in artificial technology, we see a bright future when looking at the world of entertainment.

Where Virtual Assistants Fit Into Entertainment Right Now

Right now, you are already witnessing a movement where virtual assistants aim to make your life easier when it comes to entertainment. Paired with a great pair of headphones, you have the ability to take a run and listen to your favorite tracks – without the need to take your phone out even once.

A simple voice command to Siri gives you instant access to any song that you desire – given that you hold the appropriate songs in your library, or you have an Apple Music subscription. The same goes for the Google Now assistant. Ask the virtual assistant to play a specific song – and it will immediately search through a database and select the song you wish to hear.

When you feel uncertain about what song you want to have to play next, ask the assistant for some recommendations. The machine learning technology implemented into virtual assistants is able to analyze your patterns and recommend songs that you might like.

This is not where AI in the world of entertainment stops. Sit down for a movie night, and Alexa now gives you an opportunity to have any title available on the Amazon Prime platform play on your television with just a voice command.

Virtual assistants like Alexa also gives you an opportunity to stay on top of the latest news – whether that is related directly to entertainment, or rather an overview of yesterday’s economy.

With just a few voice commands, you can get your virtual assistant to read a curated list of news articles for you in the morning – giving you a chance to continue preparing breakfast while catching up.

How Will Virtual Assistants Make Entertainment More Convenient In The Future?

Even though virtual assistants, combined with artificial intelligence, have already come far – we are nowhere near realizing the potential that the technology has to offer.

In the near future, you can expect several additional advancements in technology. With each update presented to the iOS platform and the Amazon Alexa service, we see new ways in which we can interact with these technologies.

The Death Of The Traditional Remote Control

One thing that is certainly going to change is how you interact with entertainment systems in your home. While a remote control still gives you some level of functionality today, the advancements in these virtual assistants will likely soon provide a complete takeover of remote control functions.

You would be able to sit back and relax on the couch – not having to worry about where you left the remote control. Any action that you need to be performed on the television, radio, or any other device that gives you access to entertainment will be controlled with simple voice commands.

An Integrated Solution That Syncs Across All Your Devices

Broadband technology is improving, as this gives us a much more integrative way of connecting multiple devices.

As the technology evolves, we will also see further improvements in data collection and recommendations that are made by these assistants – taking into account our own preferences and behavior across several devices, in order to tailor our experiences when sitting down, taking a jog, or even getting into the shower.

AI In The Future Of Entertainment

Siri and Alexa, along with some other players in the field of artificial intelligent virtual assistants, have already shaped the way that you listen to music. No longer is there a need to even pick up your phone – simply ask your VA to play a specific song or get the technology to recommend something that you will like.

As we move further into the future, you will notice more trends toward automating these processes. Soon, the need for a remote control may even be completely replaced by voice commands.



We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.