Some Technology Trends that Have Enhanced the Online Market

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In 2012, the mobile gaming market had witnessed an amazing increase with 75% growth. In 2014, the mobile betting market itself experienced double revenue gains. In 2017, the online gambling industry held a value of overwhelming $100 billion. The growing mobile apps have grabbed the main focus of gamers as they’re easy to avail in today’s digitalized lifestyle. According to the online casino reviews, this has also lessened customers of the traditional casinos, bookmakers and gambling shops to a great extent. After all, who’d travel a long way to Thailand or Las Vegas if they can play easily any casino game just sitting at home? That’s why nowadays many casinos have included modern technology and attractive features in their basic regular casino machines to give their customers the kick of digitalized gambling world in the old shops.

Digitalization of basic betting kiosks has become the solution to inviting in customers again back to the betting corners and casinos. Casino floors are a perfect example that how technology is taking over the old world. With the sudden rise of casino tech, now managers can identify the latest trend, accelerate convenient gaming along with fun. This may one day totally bring revolution to the gaming world.

Here’s a list of some hot-listed casino techs that are ruling the market right now.

RFID & GPS to Enhance Your Experience

Assume that you’re passing by a buffet feeling hungry, and then suddenly you get an invitation notification from the casino restaurant directly in your Smartphone. This technology of GPS signals and location is truly amazing. Wi-Fi and RFID tech is here to guide you to the nearest vicinity whereas the casino knows via global positioning that you’re near their café. With this tech, you don’t need to hunt amenities anymore. The Smartphone and the tech will do your work.

This same tech works while a high roller comes in through the door. Don’t get tricked to think that the casino managers have a sixth sense! Maybe they’re using high tech of location tracking to know if a high roller is strolling through the door.

Facial Recognition Tech

Cheats and frauds have been an inseparable part of the casino industry since its beginning. Earlier cheaters found an easy way to disguise by using fake facial hairs, black glasses or hats. But now it’s impossible due to the latest facial recognition tech. The eye-in-the-sky technology helps now the cameras surprisingly and accurately to detect people’s faces from such a distance. Cheaters are unveiled now and even they can’t hide amidst big crowds.

This tech has made everyone’s experience better. Earlier cheaters used to cost casinos huge money and also made it difficult for honest gamers to win. That results in huge losses for hardworking people who struggle much to earn money. But nowadays the eye-in-the-sky detects promptly such cheaters so that manager can keep them away from the casino premises. If someone is in the banned list, then they possibly won’t make it ever even through the front door.

Payment with Ticket Vouchers

Nowadays many casinos have replaced the old payment methods with ticket vouchers payment method. This process is already in use in many casinos at the video poker and slot machines. So many Vegas regulars have already experienced this one. This new payment method is very popular among the gamblers. With it, you don’t have to carry a huge burden of cash in your pocket and thus you can avoid more pickpockets and scammers.

After each game, winnings are given on a voucher. You can cash out the vouchers before going home, or use in the on-premise restaurants and shops, or use it in the casino for further games. With this tech, maybe future casinos will trend this cashless way!

Online Betting

With online betting, one can experience the total casino via the Internet. Gamers here found all the major entertaining elements of a night casino on the online platform. Of course, people love to experience all the fun along with the comfort of their own space. Gamers surely enjoy playing slots in their jammies! Moreover, now many companies have brought all the fun of online casino reviews right in your Smartphone and tablets.

Online casinos also offer additional benefits and incentives. Generally, the new gamers get a welcome bonus as they deposit for the 1st time. The probabilities to win get higher with more money to stake. Also, points tend to increase more swiftly with online casinos. Also, points can be amassed with every play hand and slot spin. They get added to your account and grow with time. When you’ve enough points, you can get extra perks, complimentary spins and bonus games with these.

Loyalty points also add special benefits to gamers though they need longer time. Sometimes online casinos allow the gamers to restore points which were hosted online. Here they can get special prizes like electronic devices, tournament tickets etc. some casinos even offer their customers to play and win exotic local trips and more costly prizes.


Security of your data and funds while transporting through electronic pathways has become a common concern in the market – both online and traditional casinos. To ensure the safety, operators use heavily guarded encryption. To create a strong enough encryption, a key with a length of 128 bits or more is needed. Hackers, data thieves or password crackers require much more time to decode these encryptions in order to break into the system. Day by day, the key length required for encryption is getting longer as hackers are getting smarter. But the main point is, you’re safe. Mostly casinos and gambling stores use the same encryption elements that are used by government agencies.


MPLS is mainly used by big companies to send data at high speed to long distances. These types of networks may vary in speeds, but they always use the fastest and smallest method to send data bits through routers. MPLS makes easier the money transfers in the huge casino market. This has also improved gamers’ experience in the casinos.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.