Sony Teasing with Desert Walking Man: A New Game for E3?

A mysterious page now graces Sony Japan which shows a man on an endless trek through the desert.  The page is not a static video however, it is possible to click on the man which causes him to quicken his pace.  Tilting the camera can be achieved by sliding one’s mouse in any direction and results in a grander view of the scenery.  Further clicks do not seem to yield any other responses.

Image Credit: Sony Japan

How could any of this hint toward something interesting?  The page contains several clues that indicate the tease of a new game to be touted at E3.  It includes a countdown timer ticking away until June 1st, links to share the page via social media, and when placing the share message into Google Translate it roughly translates as: “Mystery man found a walk on the desert!” Perhaps the webpage is an effort to build up excitement for a game being produced by the makers of the critically acclaimed titles Flower and flOw known as thatgamecompany.  The offering that the Santa Monica game developer is working on is called Journey and has been shown to have a significant desert theme.

Upon first glance, the teaser bears a striking resemblance to the image below depicting  a lone traveler that is dwarfed by his vast surroundings.

Image Credit: thatgamecompany

With E3 around the corner and gossip about other anticipated titles like [easyazon-link asin=”B004EQCCI4″ locale=”us”]Uncharted 3[/easyazon-link], many believe that Sony aims to make a big splash when they reveal the purpose behind the teaser.  Whether the hubbub over this webpage is warranted or not, it can certainly be taken in the metaphoric sense — the beginning of a new phase for Sony that launches on June 1st perhaps?

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