Speed Up Google Chrome: GPU Composition Rendering

If you have a decent video card in your system you may be able to get improved performance from Google Chrome simply by adjusting the GPU compositing setting in Google Chrome.  This setting is easy to experiment with and the worst it can do is cause Chome to be slower and you can just undo it.

The first thing you want to do is go to your flags, type chrome://flags and be careful what settings you adjust as you can make Chrome inoperable if you change the wrong settings.



While in your Chrome://flags configuration screen, scroll down until you see GPU compositing on all pages and Enable this.  (Note the image below shows what it looks like if it is enabled already).


Once enabled you will have to restart your Google Chrome browser for the settings to take effect, make sure all Chrome processes, tabs and windows are closed.

Now GPU composite rendering is enabled for all web sites and if you have even a mid range graphics card you could see improved web page rendering speeds as your GPU handles some of the rendering with your CPU.

Always make sure you are using the latest version of Google Chrome and update every time you are notified an update is available.  The latest version as of this written article was 20.0.1.


-Dragon Blogger

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