Sponsored Video about Samsung Memory with Loading Ball Larry

I have to admit, I like commercials that are clever and designed to entertain as well as showcase a product.  So when I was asked to check out the new line of Samsung Memory video’s I thought the Loading Ball Larry one was clever enough to share with my fellow readers.


Slow load times are among my biggest peeves when loading applications on my laptop and home computer, though not sure how much of it is actually caused by slow memory versus a slow hard drive though.  Of course if you don’t have enough memory like less than 4GB in a Windows Vista or Windows 7 system this could seriously cause some slow loading times for applications, games and inspire you to upgrade or add more RAM.

You don’t think about the embedded memory modules that are in most tablets and mobile phones typically but the type and speed of the memory is important.  Also Samsung does make and tout SSD drives that greatly improve read/write performance compared to spindle disk drives I just found it interesting that their term “memory” is all inclusive and they even applied it to SSD drives when you read more information about their memory on their website.  I typically don’t associate “memory” with SSD drives but I guess it could apply since they aren’t like typical drives.

Watch the Samsung Memory commercial and let me know what you think of it? I think it’s funny how some blaring horns, strong announcer vocals can make a slow loading time so ominous!

Too cheesy, funny, or entertaining? Share your thoughts.

This article was sponsored by Samsung.

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