Featuring Humans with Super Abilities

I was browsing the History Channel last week and accidentally stumbled across a TV Show called Stan Lee’s Superhumans.  This show is all about human beings who have a perceived super ability that is either genetic or unexplainable as to how they are able to perform these feats which put them outside the range of normal human possibility.

Bob Munden The episode that I watched was Killer Punch which featured Bob Munden who is the planet’s fastest gunslinger.  This man can draw a gun and fire from the hip with such amazing speed and accuracy that scientists measured his hand at 10G acceleration and his reflex is quicker than that of a rattlesnake strike.  He fires two bullets at targets 6 feet away so fast that the human ear only perceives one bullet firing and you can see both balloons pop at exactly the same time.  They have to actually show the clip in slow motion to see that he fired two separate shots.

Timo KaukonenThe show also featured Timo Kaukonen who is a World Sauna Champion and pushes his body to the limits by withstanding over 250 degree temperature sauna’s and his skin has an amazing ability to transfer heat and tolerate pain better than any normal human.

It also featured Warrior monk Shi Yan Ming who has a 1″ strike that can kill a man instantly and by harnessing Qi he is able to have wooden poles broken over his body by being able to make his muscles as hard and rigid as iron.

Seriously, this show kept me intrigued for the full hour.  I was a big NBC Heroes follower and to see a show that features real people with such unusual abilities or people being capable of amazing feats is just pretty cool.

If you are a fan of comics, mutants, superheroes then check out Stan Lee’s Superhumans on History Channel, it is a show that has now been added to my DVR schedule.

-Dragon Blogger

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