Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Software Review

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If you are here reading this review, then chances are that you have accidentally deleted something or have lost your data due to a hard drive error or possibly a virus attack. It might have been some important work files or your childhood photos that you lost. And you are searching all over the internet for ways to recover your permanently deleted data. Well, you have come to the right place. Today, we will be reviewing the Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery software. Now, this software lets you recover all of your permanently deleted files. You can recover your files from various memory storage types including; internal hard drives, SSD’s, external hard drives, Pen drives, memory cards and even CD-DVD RW discs. Whatever storage it may be, Stellar Phoenix has you covered. Hopefully I have you interested in this software, let’s get on and look at the software itself.

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Stellar Phoenix Windows Data  Recovery Software

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I have made a video explaining how to recover the deleted files with the help of this software. So if you’re interested, you can check out the video. If you are rather interested in reading, then you can scroll down and I will walk you through each and every step.

Also, check out this quick video from Stellar Phoenix which will help you in recovering your files.


So the Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery software is super easy to use. The software has such an easy to use interface that anyone should be able to recover your files without any worries. As you open the software, you are greeted with this screen. Here you can select what type of files do you want to recover. You can recover office documents such as word, excel and powerpoint files,  you can recover saved emails and multimedia files which include photos, audio, and video. You can either select the specific file type you want to recover or you can just click on All Data if you want to recover all the files. Once you have selected the file type that you would like to recover, then click on  Next.


The next screen that will pop up will ask you to select the location of the storage drive that you wish to recover the files from. You can either choose common locations in which the files are usually dumped in such as Desktop, My Documents, or you can choose a specific folder that you want to recover the data from. Or, you can select from one of your connected drives while will show you all of your connected drives such as hard drives, Pendrives, memory cards, etc. If you have can’t find your specific drive, then you can choose the Can’t find drive option which will search for your lost partitions. And with the last Recover from Disk Images option, you can either create Images or you can recover from existing disk images. Once you have found the specific drive that you want to recover the data from, then tick the checkbox next to it. The next thing you need to do is click on Scan. This will begin the process and the software will try to find the deleted files.


You can either choose the normal scan option and see if the software was able to recover your data or not. If the software fails to find the specific file that you are looking for, then try enabling Deep Scan. The deep scan will take some time to process but it should be able to find your deleted file. I tested this software on my Sandisk Pendrive which I had formatted a few hours ago for updating my motherboards BIOS settings. And I tried seeing if there was any hope of recovering the files from the permanently deleted files. And to my surprise, I was able to recover a whopping 23GB data from a completely formatted Pendrive. As far as I remember I had formatted this particular Pendrive two times. Once for the BIOS thingy and once for installing Windows. I actually did not expect the software to recover so much data from a formatted Pendrive. Oh, by the way, the software was not able to find these files with the normal scan so I had to do a Deep Scan. So I would recommend that you try out the Deep Scan option if the normal scan does not work.

Once the files are scanned, you can view them and select the files that you wish to recover. You can sort and view the files in 3 different ways. You can view them in tree view, file type view, and lastly the deleted view. The tree view will give you a hierarchical view of the files. The file type view will sort out all the files in the folder that they belong to and inside the folders, they will again be sorted into the specific file format folder. And finally, the deleted view will show you all the deleted files that can be recovered.

On the center of the screen, you can see the recoverable files. You can click on them and see a preview of the file which will further help you in sorting out the files. After you are done selecting the files that you want to recover, click on  Recover. Here it will ask you to specify the folder or drive in which you want to save the files in.

It would be wise to save the files in a different storage and not in the same drive that you are recovering the files from. Saving the files in the same storage device might give you some errors while recovering. So it’s best to save it to some other drive. The recovery time will depend on how good your PC is and mainly the file size of the file that you are trying to recover. Just to give you a basic idea, It took me about 3 minutes to recover data of about 1.5GB. That covers up the walkthrough and I hope that this gave you a basic idea on how to use the software.

Before you buy

Well, before you go and buy this software, I would strongly recommend you guys to download the exe file that I have linked above and install the software and do a Deep Scan of the drive that you want to scan. You can scan the storage drive for free. And if you find the files that you are looking to recover, then go on and purchase the paid license. But, if by any chance, you are not able to find the files even with the Deep Scan, then I would recommend you to try out other Data Recovery softwares and see if those are able to find your files or not. Though a deep scan should do the trick and find your deleted files.


The Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery software did a very good job in my testing and recovered all of my deleted files. It was able to recover data from a Pendrive that was formatted twice. The user interface was super simple and easy to understand. The Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery earns the 5 star editors choice badge and I recommend that you guys go and try out this software. Let us know in the comments if you were able to recover your data or not. The software worked for me so I am sure that it will help you too.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.