Telegram vs Snapchat and their features

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The public is now getting used to appearance of new social media platforms. Many applications are downloaded, used for a month or two and then forgotten soon. However, some of them like Twitter and Facebook have made a place in our hearts.

Applications like these have been catering to our most basic need: communication. Social media companies are trying to provide interesting and innovative communication mediums to the public at large in order to acquire more customers. Even employee management is being carried out on platforms like TCS Ultimatix Android app.

A battle between Telegram and Snapchat has been going on for so long. Both the applications have been serving their audience in the sphere of communication but who will rule in the near future? Here is a comparison between their features.

Privacy and security

These both aspects are critical in this day and age. The users are concerned whether their privacy, security and integrity is maintained or not. Even though Snapchat has end to end encryption, has temporary images and text messages, more rumors have showed up regarding Snapchat’s cooperation with FBI. This means that Snapchat infringes the user’s privacy when the federal government asks for data.

On the other hand, Telegram has surely taken victory in this context when it comes to adopting high-tech security procedures. It has the additional features compared to Snapchat to protect privacy of the user.


When it comes to accessibility, both the application is unique in its own way. Speaking about Snapchat first, it is not connected to your phone number allowing the users to access it without a SIM card. The application is compatible with Android, iOS and Windows however it lacks compatibility when it comes to PC.

On the other hand, Telegram is compatible with all the modes listed above. However, a SIM card is needed to log into this application. Both the social media applications are free of cost across all the operating systems.

When it comes to accessibility, it is a draw between both.

Transfer of files

Snapchat cannot be used to send documents, your location, audio voice clips, contact stamp, and music files. Telegram is able to do all of these. However, picture messages, videos, and textual messages can be sent through both the platforms.


When it comes to entertainment, Snapchat is on the higher end since has a two-way video chat, a media gallery, more filters, captioning ability and the user is allowed to draw on photos. It even allows the user to set their own status. Whereas, Telegram has a more customizable user interface.

The bottom line

Snapchat currently is better than Telegram and has captured way more audience. Despite its popularity, the future doesn’t seem bright due to the new updates and security concerns. Another reason is because of its frightening competitor.

Telegram can continue to capture the market with its compelling features and businesses have this social media application in sight for marketing purposes. Nevertheless, Snapchat currently has an edge over Telegram.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.