Superbpag 5 Fan Laptop Cooling Pad Review

I reviewed about a half a dozen laptop cooling pads over the past year and the most recent one the Superbpag 5 fan laptop cooling pad is one of the better ones out of all those that I reviewed.  Check out my video review of the Superbpag 5 Fan Laptop Cooling pad.

Now simply put what you get is a laptop cooling pad with good angle control and even better the tabs that hold up your laptop are larger and higher than some other laptop cooling pads, this means the ASUS ROG and ACER Aspire V15 won’t slide down and fall off the cooling pad while in vertical mode like they were on a previous laptop cooling pad that I was using.  It does only give you 1 USB port back (not a USB hub) and it could have faster fan speed options, but overall the wind flow is very good and it provided the exact cooling, angle and holding that was needed for my son’s laptops.

The LED lights are unobtrusive and give an ambient glow at night, but a large laptop blocks them so they really aren’t visible at all except as an ambient glow out of the back of your laptop at night.  To me this is a 4.5 star laptop cooling pad, would have been 5 star if they had a USB hub included and possible allowed for a little higher RPM on the fan speed, which is adjustable but the max could be even higher.

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