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I know a few bloggers who really enjoy using Amplify which has a very open and communicative community and share information and conversations through this blogging and social networking platform.  One recent feature just to be released on Amplify is the ability to sync and leverage your Google Analytics with your Amplify blog.

Setting up your Analytics is really simple, just open your Google Analytics account and click on the + New Profile at the very top right of your Analytics summary homepage.

You will make sure you click Add New Profile at the top right and not under an existing profile or you will just go to the add a subdomain page instead of the page to add a new complete domain.

After you click Add new profile, just enter the URL for your Amplify blog into the new profile screen on Google Analytics.

Once you add your site you will be given your site identifier UA-XXXXXX-XX and you need to cut/paste this back on the Amplify analytics setup page.  Once done your site will start collecting analytics and you should start seeing information within 24 hours.

-Dragon Blogger

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Justin Germino
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