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System Mechanic is not new to me. I have had the opportunity and privilege to use their previous version of the software before, and it was great. This new version is even better. You might ask what System Mechanic does, and in just a few words, it is an all in one tool that you can use to maintain your computer and keep it in tip-top shape.

Installation was fast and easy.  Once done, I was able to get started right away. Initially, when I ran the program and was entering my serial number, it started scanning right away, looking for things that needed taking care of. I was shocked to see around 15K issues. That took all of 2 minutes to determine. Then the program warned me to stop using it, and restart my computer because those 15K issues were related to a new update, Windows was ready to be installed.

I told you the above to stress why I think this is a great program. It knew that the update was ready to install and, should I proceed with removing the files, I would have had to download all of the update files again and that would take a good while. Right away, System Mechanic was hard at work, protecting my computer, and this time from my own actions.

After the computer restart, which did take a bit of time due to the fact that there were updates ready to install, System Mechanic got right to work, this time only finding a handful of issues to address. You can analyze your entire system from the opening screen which is called, “Dashboard”.

The dashboard will tell you the status of your system. After the initial installation and first-time run, you will have to click “Re-analyze” to run it again to see if there is anything needing your attention. There are a lot of things checked when you click that button.

  • Available memory
  • Internet junk files
  • Windows junk files
  • Registry issues
  • Windows security vulnerabilities
  • Personal data, wi-fi bandwidth sharing
  • Internet connection settings
  • Broken internet connections
  • Startup delays
  • Hard drive fragmentation

When all is done, the issues will be displayed and you have the chance to deal with them. A default option is made available, and while that may be the most preferred option, a small arrow to the far right of each default is shown to allow you to decide for yourself what needs doing. Once the analysis is completed, you can simply click the large blue button at the top labeled “Repair Selected”.

Three separate views are also available on the Dashboard. Those are “Issues”, “History”, and “PC Status”. Each one offers different information. Issues, shows the current issues face your computer from the analysis you just completed. History shows other scans and their statuses. PC Status gives you an overview of your system. Things shown are hard drive usage, memory available, and so on.

Aside from the Dashboard, you have other functions on the far left you can click on. One is called “Toolbox”. Sub categories include Clean; Speed Up; Protect; Recover, and Manage. Each of these, in turn, have their own subcategories, but I will not list them all here, or we will have to pack a lunch and a sleeping bag. Just suffice it to say, there are a whole bunch of great options to choose from.

Out of all the Toolbox categories, I am going to mention 2 in particular. I am doing so because they are very important. They are both under the Protect subcategory, the first being DriveScrubber.

Be extra careful with this one. It will wipe your entire drive and wipe it completely. This will securely and completely erase everything except that it will not wipe any drive with windows installed on it. I do not plan to test this feature, least wise on my “C” drive.

The second thing I want to mention is “Incinerator”. When I saw it, I figured it might just be another recycle bin. And while it is, it isn’t at the same time. Let me explain. It will delete files completely and securely. No recovery options will get it back, but it also does something I did not expect. You see, I updated windows, and the system created Windows.old to hold the old files and settings. For me, that was nearly 2 gigs of space wasted. I tried 4-5 times to delete the file, using normal methods, I even used windows clean up features, but the file refused to disappear. I even renamed it hoping that would make it go away. It still refused to be deleted.

I opened the Incinerator, installed it to my desktop. Dragged the folder into the Incinerator, and within a few moments, the file was gone. The space was reclaimed on my computer. I had been trying for several days before, and with System Mechanic. It took maybe 2 minutes total.

The next option is “ActiveCare”. This enables or disables automatic care. I love it. I can have these things taken care of without having to run all over the place trying to find separate programs to do this with. Everything is in one spot, on one easy to read page.

The next option is interesting, it is called “LiveBoost”.  I say interesting because my Bios has a similar option. This allows me to configure my computer to perform a certain way. Basically, I can set my CPU usage to various settings based on how I am using my computer. There are many options some for gaming, some for web-browsing, some for music. I can also set up Opticore, Ramjet, and Accelewrite. I can also look at how each option is doing. Under Drives, I see that the system has prevented 26057 file fragments just since the last system startup.

The last category is “Security”. System Mechanic comes with anti-malware software. I ran it, and probably due to just getting the update, or because I already run around chasing after malware, none was found. I can enable automatic updates and real-time protection. I can also access the firewall, but I will leave that to other more able-bodied people, as the firewall is a place I do not mess with ever.

Here is a full video walk through

Overall, I am very pleased with this program. It takes longer to write about all of the things it can do, then it takes to do them. Many of the things are covered under the initial analysis of your system. Others also have multifunction checks or can be handled automatically. This is simply an amazing program and I feel better knowing that it is protecting my computer 24/7.

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Disclaimer: System Mechanic Pro was provided to me by Iolo. All opinions are 100% mine, and mine alone.



We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.