How to Write a Guest Post: 10 Important Points

When people start blogging, some of them think that writing high-quality posts is enough to become popular. However, it isn’t. Actually, no matter how many awesome posts and unique stories you’ll write, they all will be useless if only a few people will read them. That’s why it’s so important to work with the community [...]

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NoFollow Guest Blogging and What You Need to Know

The requests are pouring in for sites all over the web that were generous with guest posting on their blogs and if you are one of those sites that published articles from MyBlogGuest or other websites that offer guest posts or guest posts via direct requests you may have seen requests similar the template outlined [...]

Blog Engage $500 Guest Blogging Contest

You can bet I will be entering the Blog Engage $500 Guest Blogging Contest #1 and have already submitted my guest article and am waiting for it to be published. Blog Engage just recently awarded $1,000 cash to Kira Permunian who runs SEOGeekster which was an amazing prize!  He had won the 2011 $1000 Guest Blogging contest. Blog Engage [...]

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Guest Blogging Strategy: Maximize Returns From Guest Posts

In a previous post we discussed various strategies for maximizing returns from blog commenting/posting comments on other blogs. Now, we shall focus on the various strategies for post guest articles on other blogs based on your objectives. Objective: Exposure to Larger Audience Strategy: Especially if your blog is new and has a very small community/readership, it [...]

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