Here at we are growing so rapidly and our topics so varied that we are looking to hire additional freelance writers to join the team.  The writing staff will be paid a flat rate per article and  performance bonus (AdSense share) based on the quality of their work.  This is a freelance position and we are looking for people who are enthusiastic writers who love sharing opinions, news and information about the following tips:

  • Technology and Gadget News and/or Reviews
  • TV Show Reviews and News/Trends
  • Internet news
  • DVD or in Theater Movie Reviews
  • PC, Wii, PS3 or XBOX360 Game Reviews or Upcoming News
  • Blogging or SEO articles

Some specific categories that get special attention:

  • Someone who will test and write about latest Google Chrome and/or Firefox Extensions
  • Someone who can write about new/latest freeware utilities
  • Writers who can paraphrase technology news articles and put a unique spin on it (no content copying, original writing only).

There will be a trial period where you are setup as a contributor account and I will review your content before it publishes, during the review period you are set at a flat lower rate per article until quality can be established.

If you are interested in joining the writing team merely fill out the form below and I will contact you shortly and set you up.  I will provide all the training you need, so even if you have never blogged on a WordPress blog yet have written before you can easily be setup as a writer for  Writing staff are required to have well written English and need not have owned or written for blogs before, but should have samples of their writing work or be willing to provide a writing sample.  Editorial pieces where opinions and writer personality shining through in their work are desired, articles that merely showcase gadget specs, stats or reprints of news media are not the desired article types we are looking for.

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Justin Germino
Working in the IT Industry for over 17 years starting with OS, Networking and then moving into web based technologies including authentication and online security. Dragon Blogger has unique insights and opinions to how the internet and web technology works. An Avid movie fan, video game fan and fan of trying anything and everything new.
Justin Germino

@dragonblogger is a technology, gadget, software and video game site that features articles, reviews and giveaways.
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Justin Germino