The What, Why, and How of Tasker

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1396264795_unnamedTasker is one of the best app for Android. Tasker is one app that makes Android stand out from the other OS available like iOS and WindowsPhone OS, it literally can automate everything you can imagine your phone can do otherwise. It does have a bit of a learning curve and don’t expect to be a Tasker ninja in a couple of days, and I really think that Tasker is more or less like a language instead. You can make your own profiles to trigger tasks when you want them to, and these tasks can be anything.
In this post I will cover what Tasker really is, why you should use it, and how you can use it.
Let’s now move to What.


Tasker is an Android application. You can make your own profiles according to your needs, or browse them on the internet. When you make a profile, you give your context which can be anything from and app, state, event, time, and pretty much anything. You can also collect several different contexts into one profile, and when all the context(s) are active, the Enter task runs, and when they are no longer active, the Exit task runs. You can have more than one profiles, more than one contexts, more than one tasks. You also can install some plugins that further extends the limits of these contexts and tasks.


So why would an average user in this world require this app? I can give you countless reasons for this question. Firstly, let me tell you that just because you can make this app do complex and advanced tasks, this in no manner mean that a not-so-geeky average user won’t be able to use this app or why would he use it in the first place. Tasker is a quite easy to get started with and ease of use also depends on what you want the app to do. For example, I myself am no expert at this but can guide you with most of your problems. Some of the things that you could do without any problem are- You can make your phone remove the lcokscreen security when you are at your home, silent the current call if you flip your phone facing down, lock specific apps/files, etc.


Just download Taker and install it on your Android device.
Open it click on the “+” icon in the center bottom of the screen to make a new profile.

New Profile
Then select a context for your profile, it can be anything (App, Day, Event, Location, State, Time). In this post, I will make a profile to silent my phone when I flip it upside down when it is ringing.
To do so- Select State>Phone>Call.
Now select Incoming in type, and leave the Number field blank.Screenshot_2015-01-14-11-46-17
Now hit back key, it will ask for a task to trigger.
I want my phone to enter silent mode. So here’s how you would do it:
Tap on New Task > name the task whatever you want (I named “Silent Mode”). Now, tap on the “+” sign on the center bottom of the screen.Screenshot_2015-01-14-11-48-33
It will ask you to select a category, there are many, select Audio>Silent mode>turn mode On to turn the silent mode on.

Now hot the back key. Now you should be seeing your “Silent Mode” task on the screen. Hit the back key.
Now if left now, it would trigger the Silent mode whenever you phone is ringing.
To counter this, longpress on the “Call Incoming, *” Screenshot_2015-01-14-11-52-03
Now, tap Add>State>Sensor>Orientation> Is Face Down.
Now when your phone is ringing, and you place it upside down, all the contexts of this profile would be active and it will trigger the silent mode task.Screenshot_2015-01-14-11-57-13

When you again place it in any other orientation, it will revert back to the previous setting.

So this is it! Hope you would also use Tasker and this post will help you getting started with it. :D
I will also showcase the profiles I am currently using sometime later. Also, I will explain how to make them.


We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.