The 10 Best Travel Apps that Will Make Your Trip Absolutely Carefree

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.

Planning another trip? Seems like everything is ready: the tickets and insurance are bought, the hotel is booked, the car is ordered… And now the only thing left is to get armed with your smartphone and download the latest travel Apps, that will make your vacation even more interesting and carefree.

Sygic Travel Maps Offline & Trip Planner

As soon as you decided to go on vacation, the first thing you should do is to install this app. With Sygic Travel Maps Offline & Trip Planner you get a guide and a planner in one, available in 14 languages. Here you can create individual itineraries, choose different types of accommodation, find interesting tours. The map of this application shows popular attractions and also unusual places, shopping centers, restaurants with detailed descriptions and photos. You can also share your itineraries with friends and plan the trip together.


With this mobile app, you will feel yourself as a hotel owner, only without all the difficulties associated with running a business. HotelFriend allows you to book hotel rooms and package deals (this means, that the room rate includes, for example, not only accommodation, but also a visit to the SPA center, a city tour and two meals). But there is more to it! Using this app, you can order almost everything: from transfer in advance to a cocktail directly to the pool.


This very cool application will show you the most interesting events nearby. Wherever you are, you can find out about all kinds of concerts, sports matches and even workshops. You can use the event filter by category, city and time (today, tomorrow, next week, etc.), add an event to the calendar and buy tickets, of course. Eventbrite is definitely worth your attention.

XE Currency

One of the best currency converters, which allows you to quickly track the exchange rate and convert to local prices as well. The widget can be displayed on the desktop or Apple Watch. The app also shows historical graphs, news and interesting facts about money.

Plane Finder

Plane Finder is an application that shows the movement of aircraft in real time. You can easily track your flight, this is particularly relevant in case of aircraft delay or cancellation. The design of the app is as simple and clear as possible.

Google translator

To some, this will seem a banality, but still, if you are traveling to a country with an unfamiliar language, Google Translator will surely become your loyal companion. It can translate into 103 languages online, 59 languages offline and also translate the text when the camera is focused on it.


This application is created just for you, if you are looking for a companion to travel together with, or a local, who could give you a tour of the city you came to. A great way to find a friend during your holiday in a new city or even for a beach vacation. TripsWithBenefits allows you to see the photo and the age of the user, his previous travels, as well as to chat with him or her. Why not take this opportunity?


It’s just a godsend for people traveling with children! The app will show you all amusement parks, playgrounds, zoos, planetariums, master classes and excursions on the map. In general – everything, that may be interesting to your kids. If any of these entertainments is only available at a fee, the app allows you to purchase the ticket for it. Now the thought of how to entertain your baby will never catch you unprepared!


Do you like to read on the road? Then be sure to download Wattpad, an app where over 10 million free books are collected, and the library is constantly being updated. Here you can also write your own story and share it with other readers. The application works both online and offline.

MapFactor GPS Navigation Maps

If you decided to rent a car while traveling, and you don’t want to pay extra 15-20 € for the navigator, then – install the MapFactor GPS Navigation Maps app. Detailed route planning, voice guidance in different languages, overview of the upcoming maneuver, day/night switch mode, the ability to add your own itineraries. Moreover, MapFactor GPS Navigation Maps can show you the way even without an internet connection.

With such set of apps you don’t have to worry bout a thing! Now you have all the necessary information at your fingertips!

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.