The Oukitel K4000 Specifications Confirmed Now on Pre-Sale

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The Oukitel K4000 smartphone has officially been released online for pre-sale at $119.99. Oukitel is pre-selling the K4000 online at the early discounted price. The pre-sale offer was launched on September 22 and runs till October 20. Some very intriguing features of the phone include super battery capacity of 4000mAh, which is capable of sustaining power for 5 days on normal use, 2.5 days on heavy use, and 20 days when on standby.

Ultimate Power, Perfect Standby

Looking at its power saving capabilities, The Oukitel K4000 android smartphone is designed such that when power level reaches 15%, the phone notifies you whether to utilize the power saving mode feature. When you accept this request, it opens the power saving mode, which disconnects mobile data, Wi-Fi and browser, which saves the remaining power significantly. The power saving mode enables the smartphone’s remaining 15% power to last longer than normal.

The 4000mAh battery capacity harbors lots of power with a perfect standby time thanks to its BAK high density feature. The battery also features low charging voltage and reduced voltage conversion, which reduces overheating when charging for a cooler and safer smartphone charging.

After the pre-sale offer period is over, the price will rise to $139.99. The Oukitel K4000 smartphone is suitable for customers looking for high durability and battery longevity. Talking of durability, The Oukitel K4000 is absolutely durable thanks to its absolutely tempered glass build and three layer anti-scratch hardness. The screen size is big (5-inch 720p display).

Safer and Stronger

The body of the Oukitel K4000 is made of Zinc magnesium alloy frame, which makes it safer and stronger, and makes use of perfect CNC cutting technology, which not only highly increases artistic beauty of the frame, but also the protection and toughness of the whole phone. Another selling point of this smartphone is its laminated glass display, which is extremely tough and hard that it can be compared to nailing a handful of solid iron nails into a piece of wood without it getting a scratch.

Superb Pictures with Fast and Ant-shake Camera.

The Oukitel K4000 camera is 13MP Sony Camera that is fast and anti-shake, simulating the principal of human eye focusing, providing precise identification of focal length and shortening the focal length. The front camera is 5MP and has a Face Beautify (f/2.0) feature for taking the most beautiful pictures of you.

The Oukitel K4000 smartphone camera utilizes digital image processing technology, which corrects the photo theme and blur backgrounds. This provides for easy shooting of close-up photos and microspur. The Oukitel K4000 also has a powerful 1.0GHZ quad-core MT6735P processor that supports multitasking, with a 2GB RAM, which has the capacity to handle installation of any application, no matter how large it is. The smartphone also supports smart gestures so you can get into some functions directly from the screen.

The bottom line is The Oukitel K4000 provides the user with infinite power and endurance just like camel in the desert, order it now over at and get free worldwide shipping.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.