The Simple Way of Embedding Chatwing Into Your Site

Most people nowadays love to chat with their friends or families and even with people they don’t know. And with the vast number of chatting tools one can use over the internet, it’s really not that hard to do so. But what about creating a chatroom for a site so it can have the user can have the capability to chat with his viewers? That can be pretty easy too with Chatwing chat app.

Chatwing is a free live chat app everyone can use – whether they are site owners or not. For site owners, here’s how you can embed it easily on your site.

First you need to have an account. No worries though, since the process literally takes less than a minute and is simple.


Second is heading onto the dashboard. This is where you’ll have the option of creating a new Chatbox, customizing an already existing one, or directly use a Chatbox you have already created.


If you choose the Use Chatbox, you’ll be redirected to another page wherein you’ll choose how to use it. You can either use it directly and be given a link for that chatbox or embed it on your site in two ways – either directly or as a pop-out window.


Choosing the embedded options will direct you to the last part where you will be provided with the html code of the chatbox. You will need to highlight it and then paste it into your site.

Embedded Option


Pop-out Option



After saving it, the chatbox will go live in your site and your viewers can instantly use it to start a conversation.


Chatwing can be embedded in almost any site with the exception of some like free WordPress sites. This chatting tool also have a lot of features to boast which you can make use of if you customize your Chatbox before using it. Here’s what the customization page looks like:


The chat software is perfect to use if your viewers have questions they want to ask you with or if they simply want to chat with each other. Your can provide customer support much easier and faster which is very ideal in drawing in more traffic for your site.

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