Review of the UtechSmart USB Bluetooth Adapter

Sometimes you just want to pair a Bluetooth device with your laptop or home computer and either your computer doesn’t have Bluetooth built into the motherboard because it is older or you just are having problems with it and need a newer or more capable one.

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This is where something like the UtechSmart USB Bluetooth Adapter comes in, this very small thumbnail sized device plugs into your USB port on your PC and allows your computer to connect to Bluetooth devices.  What types of devices?

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Well any you can imagine, I found at least one use by connecting with an Anker Portable Bluetooth Speaker, now I can queue up my Spotify music and play it via the portable speaker from the other room so that I can listen to it without having to wear earbuds and use my iPhone while running on the treadmill.

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Hooking up any Bluetooth device is a breeze, though you have to make sure the latest Bluetooth drivers are installed for Windows and you have to make sure you have any other Bluetooth adapters disabled if you have one built in the motherboard and prefer to use this one.


Your Bluetooth devices get accessed in your Network Adapter settings and you can simply click add a device, then have your devices in pairing mode and start adding them one at a time.  When a device connects that is an earpiece or speaker you have the option to configure it so the right type of functionality is listed.


As in the case of the Anker Bluetooth Portable speaker, this does not have a display and it cannot handle call information.  I tested the Bluetooth speaker from about 15-20′ away with no problems, and it started having intermittent static with audio at about 30 so the range is about on par with other PC Bluetooth receivers.

If you need Bluetooth support for your laptop or desktop then this tiny Bluetooth USB Adapter from UtechSmart is sure to do the job.

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